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  1. “Men use to be valued in Canada”.

    I’m currently watching a family dissolution here in Alberta. The man is from another country and has worked very hard to build up his family.

    He’s a traditional Orthodox man and when he talked with me i knew right away that he is experiencing his very first taste of the rugged “Canadian justice” system.

    I told him to not fear because I’ve learned alot with my issues and together we can achieve a different result then millions of men running to lawyers. So to see if he was serious i assigned him some home work. I told him to read the “Alberta family act”, and pay close attention to Section 5 where it meetings “alternative methods”. And then i shot him a text where the supreme court of Canada has spouted that they have no jurisdiction over a “religious private matter”.

    To my surprise he read the family act! Proving to me that he’s willing and capable of thinking for himself and refusing to ve bullied by the Canadian system.

    After much discussion he is convening an ecclesiastical court in Edmonton. Fortunately his church actually has a court and process for divorce. Unfortunately it is rusty as no one knows about it. The only reason that he knows about it is because i asked!

    So now his family will convene in a real court right here in Alberta. They will decide everything according to their religious customs and at the end of the day a document will be drafted on the church court letterhead with the result which will then govern the rules that the family will have to abide.

    If the church allows divorce it will be according to Christian principle.

    The state court has two options to recognize a private religious court (sharia or common law) or sweep the entire community aside (as they often do to men)

    If the court ignores the church court the church will have to sue the government for millions for ignoring their “religious private court”.

    Should be interesting for millions of Canadians.

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