[Australia] Female perpetrated intimate partner homicide: Indigenous and non-Indigenous offender

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A Cultural Convention Condemned – The Men’s Review (1948 Article) – A Voice for Men

Author: A Voice for Men The following article appeared in the 1948 edition of the ‘Men’s Review’ – an antifeminist, pro men’s rights organization that was active in Britain during the 1940s. This will be the first of a series of articles to be published at A Voice for Men from the first editions of […]


The Core Values of Feminism – A Voice for Men

Author: Dusty When discussing men’s rights, men have a tendency to discuss issues down the line: false rape accusations, domestic violence, chivalry, abortion, and sexual harassment- everything neatly, cleanly divided into nice, symmetrical topics.  This is a good thing.  Brain scans show that the average male brain is highly compartmentalized when performing certain functions. When […]