Brass Exchange Episode #14 With Robert Brockway

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Do Feminists Suffer From Penis Envy?

Author: Janice Fiamengo I recently came across an article about Sigmund Freud’s theory of female psycho-sexual development, in which Taylor Kubota described penis envy as follows: “Women become envious of penises at a young age, when they realize boys derive more sexual pleasure from their penises than girls do from their own sexual organs. Freud […]


J4MB will continue to operate as before, but no longer as a political party

Author: Mike Buchanan Following lengthy consideration, we’ve decided that operating as a political party is no longer an asset for our work, and we have therefore decided to de-register the party. The Electoral Commission has been informed accordingly, and we expect to receive their formal notice of de-registration very shortly. The show will, however, go […]