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Author: A Voice For Men Videos Featured, Feminist Governance, Satire A Voice For Men Videos July 9, 2024 No Comments A Voice For Men Videos PrevPreviousThe Global Campaign to Stop Killing and Stoning Women Home Information Advisories FAQ Glossary Issues Bodily Autonomy Domestic and Intimate Partner Violence Education Health Law Male Disposability Men’s Spaces Misandry […]

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Why Still a Feminist: A Question for Christina Hoff-Sommers

Author: A Voice For Men Videos Christina Hoff-Sommers, has an answer to a question she gets a lot. We think it’s a fair answer, but we have another question we hope she will one day answer: We think Dr. Sommers would be well-served to acknowledge that figures on poverty often erase men; men are the majority […]

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Herta Oberheuser

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