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Author: Chris "mad_cat" Votey

I had the opportunity to attend 21 Visions for a Feminist Future ’21 (21 for 21) conference on May 18th and took a recording of it. Now understand that this article is not a hit piece, and I am not trying to demonize Feminists from having a conference. If anything, I promote their right to do it, as we in the Men’s Movement should have the same right. Of course, if you ask Feminists about ICMI, they will quickly demonize us.

Overall, I will say that the conference was fairly poor. The way it was organized and presented, and not even talking about the presenters themselves, but in how they lined it all up. It is supposed to be 21 Visions, but they had 26 presentations (and snuck a few more in with other presentations) and 3 musical breaks. This was a conference about the future of Feminism, and all it really accomplished was what women hope happens in the future without any guidance on what needs to be done to achieve it. Personally, I don’t feel they accomplished their goal of spelling out the future of Feminism. This conference was more complaining about how things are now or set an unrealistic expectation for the future.

As far as the presenters themselves, it was underwhelming. Now yes, I am biased, but if you get between 5 – 10 minutes to talk on a platform, you should really use that time to try to make a difference. Yet, it felt that people just wanted to speak and not really get into the depths of why things are the way they are or the full context of their thoughts and ideas. And not just that I disagree with their points, but it was more “X is true because I say it is”. Accept their claim and not question anything.

You might be asking: Why is this important? To make positive change for men and women in this world, we need to know where the Feminist mindset is at, and in knowing that, we can circumvent them to effect positive change. Feminism holds power and greatly influences policymakers, but if this conference is any indication, then the movement is on its way out.

You can watch the video on Youtube, but it is 150 minutes long, so below is a list of the speakers and what they talked about.

For each speaker, I mention the Misandrist Moment (some lacked this so I left it out). I understand this is a conference by women for women, but this is the same movement that claims to not hate men. Yet, they do a lot to show their contempt for men and their idealized future seems to have no place for men whatsoever. I note (direct or indirect) where they show much of their true colors for males.

I also include attendee chats that stand out for each speaker. Not every speaker got a chat response to, which is a bit sad for them. For what is an inclusive movement, it seems some are more worthy of attention than others.

TL;DR – The problem with this conference is almost everything is about race. Some presenters discuss sexuality and gender, but they bring race into it any chance they can. Many speakers talk about issues that affect both men and women, but they make it a gendered issue. The few times males are brought into the conversation, it is either to blame them for all problems (especially white males) or they need to do more for women.

Starting off, we get an introduction video reading quotes and suggesting we shake up society. Fairly good video, excellent graphics, and decent music. Though this is probably the best part of the entire conference, and it goes downhill from here.

Chat: Femininity Flows.

We start off with the host telling us about women’s recent achievements, from staging protests to getting people to vote and helping other organizations protest. I mean, if that is what you list as an achievement, I would say aim higher than that.

Speaker 1

Hafsat Abiola
President of Women in Africa Initiative

First, I will say she mentioned her father being arrested for his politics and her mother assassinated. Both are very tragic. Despite her upbringing, her key focus is only on women. “COVID showed the world what women can do” is the first real thing she said. Basically, women are doing more to change the lives of the world. She states that she had to develop the skills to be an activist independently; she didn’t have anyone to help her.


She states that the world sees men as having potential (even if they lack any necessary skills), and the world gives them an opportunity. However, women must demand to be given a chance. “That instead of thinking we (women) must be perfect to do the role, that we can become perfect as we do the role.”


Her basic message is that women have to work harder to do the same as men. I don’t know how things are in Africa, but you try to do anything in the other major countries, and you are demonized for being a man and rewarded for being a woman, and doubly so if you’re trans. She comments that she had to stand up as a woman to voice her opinion, even though she’d mentioned her father being arrested for standing up. She didn’t face jail time, so which one is more privileged? And in all honesty, no one told me how to be an activist, and I went from 10 views per YT video to now organizing ICMI. This isn’t a gendered problem, and no one handed me the keys because of my penis.

Chat: Progress not perfection.

Speaker 2

Yume Morimoto

They have segments between speakers who say quick things. Not sure if they’re part of the 21 visions, but I include them in. Yume talks about the binary thinking of gender in Japan. Basically, non-binary are oppressed in Japan.

No chat response.

Speaker 3

Reshma Saujani
Founder of Girls Who Code and Marshall Plan for Moms
& Dr. Silvia Federici

This is about paying mothers for their unpaid labor of raising their children during the pandemic in which women had to give up their careers since children weren’t in schools. Their basic point is that to share domestic housework, you must transform the workplace to accommodate women who work or take maternity leave. Should a woman have domestic duties, the government should pay her. To those who argue that motherhood is a choice, according to Dr. Federici, it’s blackmail.


They keep pushing that women who raise children do so for free but don’t acknowledge any contribution men make at home; instead that they do nothing. Furthermore, while they recognize that domestic chores are not biology, they don’t discuss stay-at-home Fathers and whether they should get paid.


It appears Feminists are divided on this, that many “traditional” Feminists want to focus solely on the workforce. The idea of getting paid for being a mother might sound good on paper (to idiots), but the logistics don’t seem to come into play of where this money is coming from. Look at the challenge of giving American’s $2000 during the pandemic and the challenge that created, how do you think this can be done at all, much less what do you propose to be cut from government spending to pay women a competitive wage to stay home?

I fear if such a thing were done, like the Welfare system, women would have children just so they could get paid more from the state and the quality of life for children would decrease. The Feminist solution here would be to give more money to mothers.

Chat: Homework & Children. No less than, & 75,000.00 per year.
Chat: 100% of these issues were pre-existing. COVID exposed what was already there.

Speaker 4
Andreaea Lavant
President and Chief Inclusion Officer of Lavant Consulting

This is about disabilities and how the world doesn’t recognize the needs of disabled people. I (article author) am a disabled person, and I have had many challenges along the way; however, I wouldn’t say this is a gendered issue. Her Feminist future sees a genuinely inclusive society of people being their most authentic selves without fear of negative consequences or repercussions. “It means having confidence that our opinions will be valued, that our ideas will be implemented, and that our needs will be met.” Apparently, 1 in 4 American’s identify as disabled. I am disabled but don’t identify as it.


She wants her opinions to be valued solely on the basis that she’s a black woman who is disabled, and that’s her Feminist future. Of course, her vision of a truly inclusive society sounds nice until you get to the fine print that if you choose to identify as a male, none of this applies to you. Or at least, if you identify as a male, you must do so as they see fit, which takes away from a “truly” inclusive society.


What if you have a terrible idea… should that be implemented? What if people have conflicting ideas… should we do both? Her estimation of what a future society is incredibly stupid and simplistic. It could never work. It’s the idea that the more oppression points you have, the more correct you are. It doesn’t matter what an idea is, it just matters who said it.

Chat: Preach my friend. Why did it take shoots and killings for folks to wake up? Why???

Speaker 5

Delanna Studi

Talks about Cherokee being Matriarchal and women were always sacred (not noticing that today women are still sacred). She talks about how the British met with her people, and they noted that the British didn’t bring their women and that the Cherokee couldn’t trust them as “they only thought with half their brains”.

Her future is where Feminists think with all their brains. She quotes: “A nation is not conquered until the hearts of its women are on the ground, no matter how brave its warriors or strong its weapons.” Only women have a full brain and men are expendable.

Chat: It took too long for this to be properly addressed. I’m just glad it is being now.

Speaker 6

Joy Buolamwini
Poet of Code and Founder of Algorithmic Justice League

One of her main goals is to create a just and equitable artificial intelligence. She also wants to fight the “coded gaze”. Much like the male gaze, those with code gaze can shape technologies and societies. Programmers are highly biased, which they place into AI coding such as facial recognition that Joy proclaims is racist as it has difficulty distinguishing a black female as male or female. Essentially, AI is racist and sexist. She then proceeds to recite a poem about the problem of AI.


She does mention how one black man was mistaken for another due to facial recognition and got arrested. Beyond that, she goes through a list of famous black women that facial recognition misidentifies as male.


We hear from Feminists that there is no difference between men and women, that gender is just a social construct. This holds true for Feminists until women are mistaken for men, and thus there is now sexism. Can’t have it both ways. This also goes into the trans issue as a man becomes a woman; we’re required to automatically associate her face as a woman even though it was initially a male. How long will it be before these companies are sued for misidentifying a woman as a man because they are trans? Rather than acknowledging that the technology is not yet in place for this to be effective and things need to improve. Instead, Joy presumes the problem is white programmers who are racist.

Chat: so important to make people aware of the myth of neutrality in tech.

Speaker 7

Rumaitha Al Busaidi
Founder of WOMEX

Climate change activist who views it through a gendered lens. Starts off about the abuse of oceans and how powerful governments tend to ignore their importance and are not aware of the dangers they’re causing. How conservationists focus on land vs. sea is similar in the gender conversation of men vs. women. She states that men and women are not affected by climate change in the same way, as women have it worse as they represent the largest percentage of those in poverty.


While she mentions more women are impoverished than men, she doesn’t go into the homeless issue that affects men more than women. Additionally, US women who receive alimony/child support don’t have those payments reflected on their annual income and can be considered impoverish while also getting money from an ex-spouse. She also states, “Climate change is a man-made problem with a Feminist solution.” How many hairspray canisters did women use in the name of female empowerment?


Her point is basically this, women are more likely to be poor, poor people have trouble with climate; thus, women are more affected by climate change than men. There are many flaws in her argument, and she doesn’t take any other consideration, at least not in this speech. This is another attempt to say that women are the victims of everything, and men are the cause of all the problems, or Men Bad; Women Good.

Chat: Agree paradigm needs to shift from patriarchal domination and ravaging of ‘mother Earth’ ‘mother nature’

Speaker 8

Eileen Huang
Political Educator Founder, WeChat Project

Talks about the violence against Asians and that the issue is racialized and gendered. She also takes issue with Asians being fetishized.


Identifying Asian Hate as a gendered issue is basically saying that Male Asians don’t matter.


It is funny how so many discuss Asian Hate in the last few months but forget it was Feminists a year ago who were bashing Asians as having White Privilege. Or how much of the Asian Hate comes from Blacks, such as the Black Male who beat up an old Asian Woman. Or how universities discriminated against Asians in favor of Affirmative Action for Blacks. Yet now, the conversation is how the world hates Asians and Feminism is the solution. Moreover, black males and Latinas are quite often fetishized, but we don’t hear anything about Feminism helping with that.

Chat: I love how this reminds me how Feminism shows up in all issues, women are impacting all sectors

Speaker 9

Hillary Clinton
Amanda Nguyen (Founder of RISE)
Sonal Shah (President of the American American Foundation)
Lana Condor (Actress)

Apparently, 1-in-4 Asians in America have experienced some form of hate. Twice as many women as men. This group insinuates that race and gender are pretty much one in the same. For any minority woman, anything terrible happens to her; it is both racism and sexism. They also want Asian-American history in school and train teachers and government leaders on how to teach it.


Of course, tying race and gender together leave men out of the conversation, especially Asian men.


Why have Hillary talk about this? She’s not Asian. Isn’t this whitewashing their struggle? Again, this is another race issue for the future of Feminism. I’m all for the inclusion of history being taught, but people forget that a school year is finite, and there is only such much that can be taught. Yet, these groups demand their history take precedence.

Chat: Pearl Harbor! WTF??? I mean history of our country lies and does not tell the truth about anyone, but white folks!! It has to change!!

Regan Aliyah – Rapper

Chat: Sending this song to all the misogynists

Speaker 10

Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy

Basically, she states that women must become more impatient for there to be change in this world. Then tells a story about a woman who channeled her anger and impatience into change.


Paul Elam has made similar assessments that the best way to get noticed is to piss people off. Yet, he gets criticized for saying this, but this woman says it is necessary and is celebrated. Ironically, she discusses a country with actual Patriarchy, which is always left out of the conversation about dismantling the Patriarchy. She was careful not to use the word Patriarchy, which seems that she is protecting the men of her country while also chastising them.

Chat: Impatience is a feminist virtue!
Chat: funny how misogynists use the word feminist as an insult.

Speaker 11

Shantell Martin

This is an interesting talk about being a proud dyslexic (???) and the problem of font. Apparently, the most common fonts make it harder for those with dyslexia to read. She states that Comic Sans is easier for her to read, and thus she has created her own font called Shantell Sans, and it is open source. She says that she wants the future of art to have 3 things: Accountability, Transparency, and Responsibility. She indirectly suggests that art should be free for everyone to enjoy, so she released her font as open source.


She showed a series of pictures of people, but it was 99% female, only one black male I saw.


What does the future of art have to do with Feminism? Seems like she’s presenting a solution to people with dyslexia and yet channels it with a Feminist lens. In fact, if she’s right, she could start her own book printing company to release books in her unique font to help those with dyslexia be able to read. That’s a billion-dollar idea; someone please use this idea. If it helps people, why not?

Chat: Writing EVERYTHING in Shantell Sans from now on.

Speaker 12

Maryangel Garcia Ramos Guadiana
Founder Mexicans Con Discapacidad

The future of Feminism is to remember that some Feminists are disabled. She feels that women with disabilities are the most discriminated group, and even Feminists leave them out of the conversation. She states that disabled women receive 10% more violence than abled-bodied women.


Only wants women with disabilities to be included in the future, no concern of males who are also disabled.


It sounds like her anger should be directed at Feminists for leaving disabled Feminists out of the conversation. However, she’s not angry with them, instead just asking them to think about those with disabilities.

Speaker 13

Roxane Gay

Her future is where “women don’t have to spend so much emotional energy on the realities of negotiating a misogynistic world”. She then ties this into being black and how black women are more oppressed, and the future would mean that they aren’t oppressed. According to her, black women are meant to save the world. She also doesn’t have a concept of a Feminist future, but maybe she would write a cookbook.


She basically says that women have gotten everything they felt they needed for equality and still complains. Honestly, I feel like she said nothing, that she just complained about a bunch of stuff and said the future wouldn’t have what she complained about. In a way, it’s like she’s saying that in a Feminist future, there wouldn’t be a need for Feminism, that life would be freed up for women to do other things.

Chat: I had to tell my job today why I should not be the diversity person because I am a black woman, I need to hear this.

Speaker 14

Brittany Packnett Cunningham
(Host of Undistracted, MSNBC Contributor)
Travon Free
(Writer, Director, and Comedian)

Brittany starts off by saying that for gender equity, everyone needs to be on board, which includes men (the first nice thing said about men). “Feminism is not just about how we raise girls, but how we redefine masculinity.” Redefining masculinity will allow men to be free, apparently. And no one is free until everyone is free.

Travon’s movie is about a black man in a groundhog’s day type movie who keeps getting killed by a white cop. Travon’s motive for this movie is that Blacks are being gaslighted by white society, that Black people could have done something different and they wouldn’t get shot. He calls bullshit, stating that there is nothing Blacks can do to not get killed by police. His solution is to recognize that the system is broken but doesn’t have anything beyond that.

Travon identifies as Feminist, wanting to push for the equality of Females everywhere. He cites the difference between working in an all-male environment vs. an all-female environment, such as Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, and felt better with women. In a male space, you have to perform for other men, but you don’t have to perform in an all-female environment. He also mentions how some define equality for women as the hindrance of men, which he compares to giving to blacks as a hindrance to whites. He believes it is possible to give to women and not hinder men or give to blacks and not hinder whites.

He states that to change the world is to throw out the script that boys are required to follow. Your son comes to you in tears, and you don’t tell him to wipe away the tears. “Masculinity is not tied to your strength; it is a poison in the well.”

Of course, the conversation goes into sexuality. He discusses how he can debunk what straightness is with his bisexuality.

Then they talk about the difference between White Masculinity vs. Black Masculinity, suggesting that Black Masculinity originates from the slave culture of their ancestors. Blacks cannot appear weak in front of Whites, according to him.


This whole presentation is just about misandry, about attacking males for not conforming to how Feminism dictates. He talks about how men are told not to cry and to man up. He fails to mention that women tell men not to show their emotions instead of instigating that toxic masculinity is destroying boys.


Basically, there won’t be a Feminist future until boys and men act like women. This was nothing but an attack on males, suggesting they are free to choose, but in truth, they are free so long as they choose what Feminism wants. Travon says for young men to do what is true for them, to follow what they feel inside, which he suggests that males’ truth is to not act like males of the past but the way he acts now.

Chat: Samantha Bee rules!
Chat: Hypermasculinity hurts everyone.

Speaker 15

Ilana Glazer

For her, success is someone else’s failure, and that the goal shouldn’t be to succeed as that means other people must lose. And the American Dream of succeeding is just that, a dream meant for those living in poverty that they “might” succeed. She doesn’t want to wish anyone success.

She then pivots the conversation to failure. She encourages people to live in failure, live in a place being denied possession, find themselves in a dark place, and learn to be content there. She hopes that women are never victims and have no power over anyone. Should you fail and be in pain and find yourself in darkness, you remember that darkness is your country, your home, your existence.


She claims that this dark place of failure is foreign to women, as women are aliens to the male-dominated society that demands how women should live. She’d rather women live in a place of failure outside the realm of men’s need to succeed. Men and women need to be separated for the Feminist Future, i.e., Feminist Utopia.


She is insane. She paints that the need to succeed is a male trait, and yet women are just as competitive as men, if not more so. She’s trying to indicate that failure is a place where women can be free, that the task of trying to succeed is bad for society. Out of every speech here, this is the most damaging of all that women shouldn’t try. Instead, women should give up and embrace nihilism.

Speaker 16

Meena Harris
Lawyer, Founder of Phenomenal

She lists 10 things for the Mother/Daughter Manifesto:

  1. Teach your children about activism from an early age
  2. Reframe the language and barriers around female leadership
  3. Stop using plastic straws
  4. Bring men into the conversation
  5. Let’s talk about Maternity Leave
  6. Equal access to maternity care
  7. More children’s books that feature people of color
  8. Reframe the conversation about women’s work
  9. Celebrate difference
  10. Be an Activist


#4 is about men, but only for men to do what they can to elevate women—no need for men and boys to be elevated whatsoever.


  1. Basically, brag to your children about what you do and guilt them to be activists themselves.
  2. Language police yourself around your children. When children are bad, you put a positive spin on it, so she’s not discouraged later. She also complains that her children can be noisy when she wants to sleep, so it’s OK for her to ask her children to be quiet. If anyone else does (i.e., a man), it might prevent a girl from being a leader someday. If a girl is dismayed at someone being negative to them, even for legitimate reasons, then she’ll never be a true leader.
  3. She’s virtue signaling within her virtue signaling. This has nothing to do with anything yet includes it in, not unlike the New Green Deal.
  4. See Misandrist Moment.
  5. Maternity leave in the US is company-specific, not a government mandate. No mention that men should also get paternity leave.
  6. Apparently, women of color don’t receive access to health care.
  7. Much like straws, this has nothing to do with Mother/Daughters so much as that Feminism is more about race than gender. She states that having people of color books will teach empathy, that I guess white people lack empathy.
  8. Apparently, Mrs. Claus is a CEO. Men cannot have achievement unless women have greater achievement, or men have none and women have it all.
  9. Unless you’re a man and don’t beholden yourself to Feminist indoctrination. I agree with her to help people see their own value and beauty.
  10. She wants everyone to speak out for women everywhere, whether they want to or not.

In all honesty, if she called this a Feminist Manifesto, it would make more sense, but listing this for Mothers and Daughters, most of this has nothing to do with that dynamic but rather a declaration of how people as a whole conduct themselves.

Chat: Meena’s energy is so contagious and always speaks from the heart. Love her.
Chat: Maternity leave for all gender because not all people who are giving birth are women.

Speaker 17

Sage Dolan-Sandrino
Artist, Public Speaker

She wants to live in a world where when she feels 100% confident she’ll return home each day. Transkids live in fear every day that they may not survive today due to all the hate they receive.


Indirectly, she implies that only Transkids live in this fear. Everyone does, especially men who are more likely to be assaulted than any other group. We live in more fear that something terrible can happen to us, but the Future of Feminism should only be concerned with trans kids.


This is a short video, but it’s absurd on the basis that everyone experiences fear, but somehow trans people need more than anyone else without consideration for how anyone else lives in fear. Hell, this disregards women who live in fear.

Chat: @Sage — That was amazing. Thank you for being here!

Speaker 18

Lorella Praeli
Co-President of Community Change

Tragically, she suffered an amputation early in life after a car hit her and she had to learn to walk on a prosthetic leg. This is about immigration, or rather illegal immigration (though she makes it sound quite noble). She seeks to claim America as an illegal alien, that American should accept her even though her being here was done through an unlawful means. She argues that citizenship is mandated by whiteness and is oppressive towards non-whites. That non-whites haven’t been properly recognized in the US (I guess she doesn’t know we had a Black President).


I am all for immigration, so long as it is done correctly. Trying to get into America illegally is bad. It simply is. If it were good, it wouldn’t be called illegal immigration. Yet, she wants to proclaim it as a really good thing.

Chat: Yes. Daughter of an immigrant. Wicked proud and unbowed.

Speaker 19

Phill Picardi
Host of Unholier Than Thou

Second male speaker, wanting to reclaim religion to help build a Feminist future. Religion is a vehicle of the Patriarchy. As a gay male who grew up Catholic, he despised religion but is now going to divinity school to “learn” the proper way to practice Catholicism. Feminism taught him how to be a better man and taught him about his soul. He then has a series of other people to help prove his point. I won’t identify each individual, but the basic idea that Patriarchy is a new concept and that to look properly at ancient texts, you must do so through a Feminist lens.

He states that religion was pure before men ruined it. It was men’s involvement in religion that made it into a bad thing, that religion was initially Feminist.


I’m an Atheist, and I have my issues with religion, but they’re discussing the change of religion to facilitate their politics, that they want to have their cake and eat it too. They change things to how they want so there are no contradictions in their mind, but if you can just change whatever you want for a political gain, then where is the line that says if you cross it, you’ve gone too far? This is no different than the Female Ghostbusters or Female Thor, and the same argument I have I’ll use here, if you’re not happy with how things are, then create your own thing rather than changing established concepts.

Chat: God. Is. A. Feminist.

Speaker 20

Angel Harris
Criminal Court Judge

Short video, wants a Feminist Future where black girls are not criticized and championed to do whatever they want.

Madison McFerrin – Singer (https://youtu.be/snrjLt5tu0k?t=6370)

Chat: I love your natural hair. Great voice. I am a singer as well.
(remember when Feminists said commenting on black women’s hair was racist?)

Speaker 21

Andrea James
Founder of the National Council for Incarcerated Women And Girls

She wishes to end the incarceration of women and girls. She became a defense attorney for women but committed wire fraud and chose to hide it. She got sentenced (no indication if she turned herself in or not) and served 2 years. She now works to free women from prison through Feminism.


Her concern for prison reform is only for women and not prison reform for all.


I could almost agree with this woman if not for the fact that she has made this a gendered issue, and her only concern is for women. I want to see prison reform in this country and for the system to be built on alternate solutions for rehabilitation rather than the industrial prison complex making money on the number of people incarcerated. However, she’s only concerned for women. She would rather no woman serve in prison, even though men constitute more than 80% of those incarcerated.

Chat: Yes!!! End incarceration!!!!!!

Speaker 22

Sabah Khodir
Writer and Activist

She states that women in Egypt are faced with rape, FGM, child marriages, honor killings, and domestic violence. Her vision for the Feminist future is women can one day sit down and talk about anything other than Feminism and no longer live in fear.


She acts like only women live with this fear. In the US, boys are raped, and few recognize that women can do that. They also suffer MGM. And men have more fear of violence than women, but that’s never discussed despite the statistics that confirm that. Her vision is just for women, not for men.


Another case of Feminist Utopia where nothing bad will ever happen to women. Many places in the middle east are pretty bad for men and women alike, but the problem is that mainstream Feminism takes a blind eye to and focuses on things like men spreading their legs or air conditioning. If anything, she should be angrier at Feminism for their lack of concern in her region of the world.


Speaker 23

Paola Mendoza
Director, Activist, Author

Paola is interviewing Francia Marquez, who is running for President of Columbia. This is entirely in Spanish. She is apparently a freedom fighter who is against the poor conditions of her country.


She is more concerned for women than men, even though she says large portions of her country are affected by the lack of development.


I know nothing of Columbia and have no idea if her perception is accurate or that of a Feminist bias. However, as her concerns are just for women, I call to question what kind of leader she can be. If things are as bad as she claims, then focusing on half of her constituents won’t solve any problem; it just makes things worse. A leader has to be for all the people, and she has expressed herself as only being for women.

Speaker 24

Alexis McGill Johnson
President and CEO of Planned Parenthood

She justifies Margaret Sanger as a racist and downplays that she created Planned Parenthood to control the black population. She cites that at the time, it was normal to have views of blacks in this way, and this shouldn’t detract from the work today. She then spends the rest of the time saying that American is going towards anti-abortion and the future is the means to keep it.


Focused on women’s reproductive rights but of course that we don’t need to be focused on men’s whatsoever.


She is technically correct but is also a contradiction of Feminism. I agree that we cannot hold people to today’s moral standards from yesteryear, as most people throughout history would fail. But Feminism and SJWs have continuously held people in contempt for the things they did at a time when it wasn’t a big deal. This is a means to justify what the founder did and say, “Just forget about it and move on.”

Chat: As someone who has absolutely NEEDED plan parenthood and as someone who utilized my right to have my anti-fertility surgery because I do NOT want children, I stand SO strongly with this. How DARE anyone else try to tell someone what to do with their reproductive health

Speaker 25

Kulsum Shadab Wahab
Executive Director of the Hothur Foundation

Basically, the survivors of COVID-19 face many tough issues, but with the focus of only women who are suffering. Short video.

No chat for this.

Speaker 26

Gloria Steinem
(Writer, Activist)
Amanda Gorman
(2021 Inaugural Poet)

This is a conversation on what words they want to use in 2021, such as Empathy, Intersectional, and Sustainable. This is primarily a philosophical conversation about today and not about the future since we live in 2021.

Resistance Revival Chorus

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