A Better Way Forward for Men

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In case you haven’t noticed, masculinity is under attack. Male space, a vital and healthy part of any functioning society, has dwindled to all but nothing. In today’s gynocentric world that space is shamed, attacked and coopted in the name of empowering women.  All this leaves men isolated and their issues neglected. The mental health field only offers more of the same neglect, plus a hefty dose of shame from misandric practitioners whose bread and butter is peddling the toxic masculinity narrative to women.

This is destructive. This is unacceptable.

Fortunately, we have the people, the technology, and the will to put an end to the isolation, and an end to the neglect. XY CREW is male space; a peer-support platform that uses a combination of online video technology and real-world events to connect and provide service to men across the world.  We’re building a community like no other.

We’ve discovered that when men connect away from the influence of women, great things happen. Many of our members are rebuilding and reshaping their lives after suffering years of chronic abuse in relationships, ruinous divorce decrees, parental alienation and false accusations. Others are moving on from the wreckage to improve their professional and business lives. Still others are improving their health and fitness.  In a world that sees men merely as “human doings,” XY CREW is a place of friendship and support created by men who see you as an actual human being.

XY CREW provides peer support and service that is available around-the-clock, every day of the week, anywhere in the world. We host live online meetings that give men a place to share their lived experience, struggles and wisdom without interference, judgment or apology. In that environment, we see the lives of our members consistently, and often drastically, improve.

Every man reading this is just one click away from joining a community of brothers, a Crew that has your back in life. When was the last time you felt like you had that?

Join the Crew.

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Author is: XY Crew