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Author: Tom Givens

I don’t expect you to understand all of what I do, and what I stand for, all in one sitting. There’s too much to think about, and too many departures from what you’ve been taught all your life, for things to be that easy. As with nearly everything in life, there’s much more to things than it seems on the surface. At this point, all I ask of you is that you keep an open mind, and try to understand things from my perspective.

I am what is called an MRA (Men’s Rights Activist). You may have heard a few things about us already, and again, I ask that you hear me out before passing judgment. A lot of people think of us as basically the mirror image of Feminism, only for men. Some people like to say that we are simply a group bent on bringing back the 1950’s. Others, that we hate women, and want to oppress them.

Of course, all of these are at best simplistic descriptions, if not outright lies.

Essentially an MRA is someone that is concerned with the state of men due to various laws and social customs. MRAs are trying to change some of those things because we see a lot of pain and injustice. We want a better future, and a saner society, for ourselves and our children.

That’s not going to happen if we don’t take a much more honest look at things.

For example, did you know that suicide is the second leading cause of death for young men? Teenage boys are 5 times more likely to kill themselves than teenage girls. You might be tempted to put this down to just being male, but in the 1940’s, men and women were roughly equal in terms of suicides. The rate for men increased sharply in the early 1970’s, and has increased steadily since then.

Then there is Education, where boys graduate much less often than girls. Only 40% of University students are male right now. And like suicide, the numbers are worsening as time goes by. Given the need for a degree to secure a good income, things aren’t looking good for a large majority of men.

This brings us to employment, where men have a higher unemployment rate than women. And in the younger age groups, women without children make more than young men. Again, this trend is increasing with time, so in a few years men will on average make substantially less than women.

This topic gets discussed every once in a while… crying over the lack of ‘good providers’ for women. People are marrying later, in fewer numbers. And women-as-higher-earner couples split up far more often.

This leads us to divorce, which isn’t really all that bad if you’re female since women get primary residence 4 out of 5 times and benefit from continued financial support from the ex. So in a way, it’s like he’s still there. Generally, her life won’t change much. She’ll keep the house, the kids, and the paycheck.

The suicide rate for men after Divorce is 9 times that of women. It’s pretty easy to see why. The more difficult thing to see is that in this age of targeted support for ‘disadvantaged groups’ or those most in need, men as a group are yet to be supported for anything. The “male demographic essentially does not exist. And because ‘men’ are killing themselves more than the ‘designated victim group’ known as “women,” nothing gets done.

Moreover, no one cares if it does.

Like Education, and Employment, and Family Law, ‘men’ as a demographic can’t specifically be helped, because ‘men’ are the designated scapegoat for nearly every social program and custom we currently hold dear in our society. Men, and boys, have been dehumanized to allow ruthless exploitation without guilt. How then, can we care about them as a group?

The answer: we don’t.

At least the elite don’t. And they hold the reins of power. They have the support of the masses too, right now. It’s called tyranny of the majority, and it’s exactly what things like Constitutions were invented to prevent. Our society has gotten around this by applying a thing called ‘doublespeak’, coined by George Orwell in his novel 1984, and known today as political correctness – and Voila!, the Constitution becomes “A Living Document,” thereby allowing much tampering with.

In 1984, people were disappeared for having dangerous thoughts, and the ‘thought police’ did brisk business in the darkest hours of the night. In real life, people just get their careers destroyed, or get sent to jail for life on a false rape accusation. It happens with frightening regularity, but this isn’t the place for facts and figures. I’m just making some assertions here, inviting you to look into this, and see if I’m full of it, and quietly betting that if you’re honest you’ll be awfully shocked at what you find.

So, with all this shocking injustice so rampant in our society, how come no one has said or done anything about it? If this is all such a big deal, why the deafening silence and hordes of people leaping into inaction?

Well, that’s where you start to get into what I say is the ‘masculist’ aspect of the Men’s Movement. I apologize for throwing in some more terms, but I’m going to do it a few more times.

Basically, the Men’s Movement (hereafter MM) is a grouping of several trains of thought. MRAs concern themselves primarily with legal/political issues facing men. Masculists are the other half of the coin feminism is on, in that they study the social forces boys and men face.

Masculists contend our society has been conditioned to view ‘men’ as ‘the enemy’. Everything from Domestic Violence awareness campaigns to Anti-Poverty activism has a distinctly female face. Anti-rape activists have been painting all men as rapists, and teaching women and girls to fear and hate men, for decades. Canada has known DV is equally perpetrated by men and women since the 1970’s, but has yet to produce a campaign that says as much. Even Advertising has a distinctly anti-male flavor. Probably because mainstream media like the TV networks have largely given up on men, and tailor nearly all of their shows to a female audience.

Added all together, men have been on the receiving end of what amounts to a massive propaganda hate campaign for the better part of half a century, building upon (and distorting) the natural male inclination to protect the female. Up against that, I think it’s amazing we aren’t in much worse shape than we are.

That said, if we don’t smarten the fuck up real fast, we’re in for a world of hurt.

The question still hangs over the whole thing though. How the Hell did we allow things to get this bad? How did it become so acceptable to treat men and boys like disposable robots that exist only to please women, and produce and pay taxes? Who said men have no humanity?

Feminists, that’s who.

At the core of all feminism is this insane assertion that women were disadvantaged in the past, oppressed even, by all men everywhere – and on purpose. The idea is that if only women were given free reign they would have matched the great accomplishments of the men of History; that The Patriarchy held women down; that all women are victims; that all men are oppressors, indeed that men derived sexual pleasure from hurting women.

This mode of thinking pervades every single form of feminism, and this mode of thinking is nothing less than the codification of misandry. It is the Official Version, and all the reason one needs to commence with injustices. The only difference between flavors of feminism is the degree to which they hate, and blame, men.

Moreover, the greatest obstacle in the way of needed change is feminist ideology, followed closely by its Siamese Twin – Chivalry. Both modes of thinking require the believer to see themselves as superior to the man in question. Feminists are, at heart, nearly all female supremacists – especially given the reputation of feminism. Chivalrists hope the women they ‘protect’ notice how well they can provide, and how they can beat down their competition.

Basically, female feminists tend to view themselves as victims deserving of special rights based strictly on their sex (as reparations for someone else’s ‘suffering’), and Chivalrists view themselves as “real” or “good” men, and thus better mating choices.

Speaking of mating, there’s another subgroup in the Manosphere (see there I go dropping more terms – basically the Manosphere can be referred to as ‘male social consciousness’ as expressed online) known as PUAs (or Pick Up Artists) that center their social analysis around the dating and mating Game.

Remember that wage gap I referred to earlier? I’m sure more than a few of you indignantly thought “I’ve dated men that make less than me before. Hell, some of my best boyfriends were broke.” And I don’t doubt for a second that this is true.

Those were the guys that had what is referred to in PUA circles as ‘Game’. And all that means, is the guy understands women, what turns them on, and makes them keep wanting more. And as every woman reading this knows, what women say they want, and what they really want, are frequently miles apart.

PUAs teach men what fathers used to teach their sons in many respects, providing men with the tools they need to navigate todays dating world at least somewhat successfully.

The problem is, it’s far too easy to lose your job, or even freedom, if the wrong woman crosses your path. Crystal Gayle Magnum accused some Duke University students a while back, and it made the news for over a year. But it happens all the time to men and boys with less money, or notoriety. Only those guys end up being quietly thrown into jail. Often for life.

And no one cares, since all men are really rapists at heart as far as the public is concerned. The legal system is so anti-male that it is now legal precedent that hiring a hitman to kill your husband, or killing him even when other options are available, is defensible with a claim of DV.

The dead guy doesn’t get a chance to defend himself, and the killer walks.

And the Chivalrists (otherwise known as White Knights) openly congratulate themselves for making the world safe for female murderers.

This has caused a lot of men to throw up their hands in disgust, vowing to withdraw as far from society as possible. They call themselves Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW), and another way to describe their ethos is they have ‘gone John Galt’. They limit their interactions with women to only that which is necessary, refusing to socialize with or befriend women in some cases, simply never putting themselves in a position where they need to trust a woman, or be vulnerable to one.

At the heart of this movement is the desire to limit the risks of interaction as much as possible. While each individual woman encountered might not be the falsely accusin’ kind, she might be…and who wants to take that kind of chance?

Many of these men have taken a long hard look at women, sex, relationships, and the whole expected progression (date, marry, have children, retire, die) and found it to be of far higher cost than it’s worth. They have said ‘no thanks,’ and taken up video gaming.

Frankly, when it’s so bad that men will ignore women out of self-preservation, you’ve got impending disaster on your hands.

As to why we do nothing about it? Well, all I can say is this wouldn’t be the first time the cultural elite said ‘let them eat cake’.

But why would the elite want this? Who came up with the idea for all this stuff, and what was their goal? Was this all accidental?

Well, no actually. There’s this thing called Eugenics, which is a philosophy following the Darwinian principle of ‘survival of the fittest’. Actually, Darwin was a Eugenicist himself…which really isn’t all that surprising. So was Adolf Hitler, and Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood and feminist icon. Eugenic thinking runs throughout feminist dogma.

This should give you a hint as to why those with the power see no problem at all with running the average guy through the wringer. He only exists to give the elite pawns with which to to generate more power.

But what about Feminism? How did feminism become the vehicle for this destructive principle, and was it always so? The answer is yes, it was always so, since female supremacy and social ‘deconstruction’ is at the very heart of feminism. In point of fact, Feminist writers openly stated their plan to ‘deconstruct’ (Orwellian doublespeak for ‘destroy’) society in the 60’s and 70’s. They also openly advocated for Gendercide (some feminist musicians still do), the internment of men for purposes of slavery and breeding, and other means of ‘smashing the Patriarchy’ and installing women in the seats of power.

Think I’m exaggerating? Go back a bit and read the bits about the issues facing men and boys again.

Feminism has succeeded in breaking the institution of marriage, and atomizing the nuclear family, the very basis for society. The Marriage rates in much of what we call the Political West are currently setting records for the lowest in history. And even then, about half of them will end in Divorce.

With marriage and nuclear families becoming so rare (nearly half of all US children are born into single mother households, and in the UK they banned Father’s Day from schools because so many kids hadn’t ever seen one), Big Daddy Government is playing an increasingly important role in family life. And the birth rate is FAR below replacement levels…a Eugenicist’s wet dream.

And the more power Government has, the more power the cultural elite has. It’s really a no brainer; discord sown via feminism increases need for government, which is more than happy to oblige, for a pound of flesh. As a bonus, the economic chaos caused by such an unstable society allows real earnings to free fall, again, only for those not in the elite, who do as well as ever.

It’s a lot to digest, I know. But look into it before you shout crackpot, you’ll see these issues are real.

And the only thing standing up to all this right now, is a bunch of broke guys with an internet connection.

So can you do me a favor?

Wish us luck?

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