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Author: Mark Dent

A few years ago, I wrote an article in which I made reference to the character, David Vincent who starred in a television series titled The Invaders.

David has witnessed aliens landing upon the earth and has seen with his own eyes that they are taking human form and living among us with the sole intention of destroying humanity and ultimately taking the planet earth from us and using it to meet the needs of the aliens.

Mr. Vincent spends each episode trying to open people’s eyes to the truth but few listen to him and those who do turn away convinced he is a crazed conspiracy theorist. Some try to humour him but treat him as they would an imbecile who would be better suited to an asylum.

Vincent knows there is a tiny flaw in the human bodies the aliens assume in order to mix with people and infiltrate our schools, clubs, workplaces and homes. The little finger on one hand is always slightly deformed.

But who is going to take a man who screams about deformed little fingers and a world takeover seriously?

I wrote that I have often felt a deep empathy for David Vincent for I believe his circumstances mirror our own in many ways.

For years I have seen feminism infest our schools, Judicial system, entertainment industry, media and government. It has spread its tentacles into every powerful institution in the western world.

When I first began to call out the bigotry and hatred which was already such a fundamental feature of this vile ideology, I was either brushed aside, politely and rather contemptuously and dismissed as a fool who had some kind of an agenda when it came to females or someone who was grossly overstating the power and influence of these feminists who simply wanted women to get a fair go and be given “equality” after decades of oppression and abuse.

Others were simply bored by any discussion of men’s needs or the suggestion that there was anything to be feared or anxious about with regard to the feminist movement. There was football to watch, beers to drink and women to pursue.

That sense of frustration and impotence has remained an ever-present reality for me during the past thirty years. I am forever grateful to have a wife who is my best friend and staunchest ally in my quest to open people’s eyes to the reality of the feminist infestation which has wormed its way to the top echelons of every institution that matters in our society.

Without Maggie and AVFM I think I may have lost my mind a long time ago.

As true as Orwell’s statement may be:

Being in a minority, even in a minority of one, did not make you mad. There was truth and there was untruth, and if you clung to the truth even against the whole world, you were not mad.’

I don’t think I could have clung steadfastly to my rage about the daily injustices meted out to men and boys without her support. I think perhaps I may have crumbled at some point and either stopped speaking out or worse, become convinced that the endless lies spewed by feminists were perhaps true after all and I was the one who couldn’t see the light.

You know- two plus two equals five.

In the end Winston Smith didn’t just say it did to make the bad guys stop torturing him. He really believed it. And that final submission and willingness to believe brought him a release of some kind. He was no longer fighting against Big Brother and all of the society who loved and believed the lies he spoke every day.

He swum with the current. He ran with the flock. He raged with the mob.

So much easier. Give up the fight and cheer the latest propaganda with enthusiasm.

It makes for far more enjoyable dinners with friends and comfortable conversations in the workplace. No more angst, ulcers, heartache or tears.

But Maggie and AVFM has kept me sane.

I know we tell the truth even if it is inside our insular bubble. Someone, somewhere may read our words, watch our videos, hear our podcasts and begin to think and question. Just that alone would make it all worthwhile. To open the eyes of people willing to think and weigh up the arguments is no small thing.

Let me write about the past few weeks. I have been meaning to do so for some time but felt exhausted by the idea of pulling up and the revisiting the issues which disturbed me and made me gnash my teeth. For each time I write on any issue regarding feminism it is an emotionally draining trial.

Let me begin by telling you that the principal of Brauer College wrote a response to my twelve-page letter expressing my disgust with regard to her demand that every boy in her school stand up and apologise for all for the sexual abuse and rape carried out by men who share their gender.

Here is what Jane Boyle wrote,

Dear Mark

Thank you very much for writing and explaining the concerns you have about a whole school assembly that was held at Brauer College some time ago. I also read that you have a number of other concerns. I would like to assure you that the assembly was conceived with the best of intentions.

Yours faithfully,

Jane Boyle


That’s it. I was surprised to receive anything but her words were truly as non-responsive as a collection of words could be. The fact that she could believe the public humiliation of hundreds of young boys could in any way be defended as being well intentioned simply demonstrates how truly misandric this woman and her staff must be.

Of course, I had already written that in my letter to her.

A couple of weeks after her outrageous attack on boys another college in Melbourne welcomed a guest speaker who told the white boys sitting in front of her they were oppressors.

I have no doubt variations on this theme are happening in schools all over Australia, Britain, Canada and America.

Yet that letter from Ms. Boyle was a minor irritant in comparison to other issues which caught my attention recently.

On the 25th of April, Australians once again, set aside a few minutes to think about the enormous sacrifices of our fallen soldiers and those who returned either wounded or psychologically damaged and traumatized so that generations who followed them could enjoy the freedoms and rights we so often take for granted.

Of course, this is another issue I have written about before. Despite the fact that tens of thousands of Australian men gave their lives fighting for our country, every newspaper article, television program or radio announcement parroted the same words time and again.

We give thanks for the sacrifices made by the brave men and women in our military.

Yes, the words burned and enraged me but it was something else related to the tributes to our military on this special day which tipped me over the edge.

A talented artist by the name of Cam Scale decided to paint three towering wheat silos in the Australian country side to thank and honour our fallen heroes.

Please look closely at the images which adorn the huge silos. They feature two women. One is medic and the other a nurse. These are the true heroes. These are the people who made our way of life possible.

Now there were of course male medics, doctors and stretcher bearers who often went out onto the battlefields to give aide to wounded and dying men. So, if making sure we don’t forget the wonderful work of our war time medics was the goal of this artist, couldn’t one of them have been a male?

You really have to step back and think when you observe something like this. Sadly, most Aussies would have glanced at the artwork which appeared in a much read newspaper, admired the artists obvious talent and then turned the page without a moment’s consideration.

Sixty thousand young Australian men died on battlefields fighting for our country or under its flag.

Not only do we now have to give equal standing, gratitude and acknowledgement to both males and females on this day dedicated to the memory of our fallen, but in actual fact, place women at the forefront of our memorials.

The fact that (as far as I am aware) I am the only person to have been genuinely outraged by this artist’s decision is the most demoralizing aspect of the whole issue.

Sixty thousand men die. Two towering silos are adorned with images of women as a sign of our deepest thanks and admiration for all they did during the war.

Now let me add, that after these two colossal images were completed, Mr. Scale did paint an image of an Aussie soldier (male) on a much smaller silo.

If Mr. Scale had been commissioned to paint two gigantic images to represent the many people who have died in a domestic violence incident and he’d painted two males, one elderly, the other a teenage boy as the face of all victims, what pray tell do you think would have happened?

Absolutely apoplectic outrage on a scale not seen before in this country is the correct answer. Yet (and here’s the kicker) many males both young and old have in fact been killed or badly hurt in domestic violence incidents.

Such an action would be branded insulting and disgusting. Rosie would call it an insult to the memory of all of the women and girls who have died at the hands of toxic males and it scares me to say, I think most Australians would share their view.

To my knowledge, a tiny fraction of serving nurses have been killed but none while actually working on the battlefield. Most of the seventy-eight who died in World War One died as a result of illness or accidents.

I admire any person male or female who is willing to go to a war zone and care for soldiers in what would have often been horrendous conditions. I am not for one moment belittling or denigrating our nurses and medics, I am demanding some perspective and balance.

If we are going to move the focus away from the men who did all of the bleeding and dying why not honour military chaplains who faced withering artillery fire and blazing guns to administer the last rites to any young man who was facing his last moments in the mud and blood of the battlefield.? Perhaps they’ll get a mention next year. But Christianity is seen to be as toxic as masculinity in these current times, so this is not likely to happen.

People may wonder at my obsession with the way in which women now share centre stage with men on ANZAC Day. I will not apologise. It is a truly deliberate attempt to swing the spotlight onto women on a day which once, long ago was one of the very few times our society gave men and men alone some recognition and thanks.

When you watch the military personnel in the crowd attending the traditional ANZAC Day football match, you would have seen a number of middle-aged women with medals adorning their khaki jackets. One woman I saw seemed in danger of toppling over such were the number of medals she wore.

She looked very much like an elderly librarian or junior school teacher. I would love to have heard her stories about the storming of enemy foxholes or the way she carried wounded mates on her back while under heavy fire from the enemy. Sadly, I will never get to hear any of the incredible war stories she has to tell.

Continuing for a moment longer with my military theme, if you ever want an example of double think then read this article. It proudly proclaims that women can be just as violent and aggressive as men. Fascinating. Hasn’t this always been the way feminism operates?

Dare lay a finger on a female in your workplace or speak an angry word to a woman in parliament and they will be calling for the fainting couch. You will be reviled as something beneath contempt for daring to raise a hand or voice to the weaker sex.

Yet when a feminist argues for women being as capable as men when it comes to combat, they proudly state that they can be just as aggressive and violent as men, so just watch your step buddy!

Oh, the delicious mental gymnastics feminists perform on a daily basis without the slightest blush of the cheek.

ANZAC Day passed once more and my heart rate resumed its regular rhythm.

Let me introduce you to Australia’s treasurer, Josh Frydenberg. Yet another politician in a line which stretches back many decades who demonstrates his utter contempt and disregard for his fellow man.

My son texted me a page from the newspaper he was reading. It was a breakdown of the latest Federal budget.

One whole column of spending initiatives came under the heading, Women.

There was no column for spending initiatives for men. There was in fact, not a single initiative which targeted men.

A very dedicated blogger who goes by the pseudonym Prawn of the Patriarchy wrote the following in response to the budget’s release.

Last night the Australian Treasurer, the Hon Josh Frydenberg MP presented his Budget speech 2021-22. Nothing has changed. Women were handed some substantial allocations, whilst men and boys essentially got nothing (in terms of dedicated gender-specific grants).

Sure enough, in his lengthy speech Josh mentioned the word ‘women’ 17 times. He mentioned the word ‘men’ once. In condemnation.

On average women retire with less superannuation than men.

According to various commentators the 2021 budget contained the following allocations for women & girls. Here are some excerpts:

As Morrison seeks to repair his image with women, there is a range of measures on women’s safety, economic security, health and wellbeing totaling $3.4 billion.

This includes $1.7 billion for changes to child care, $351.6 million for women’s health, and $1.1 billion for women’s safety.

We will help more women break into non-traditional trades, with training support for 5,000 places,” he said

There will be 2,700 places in Indigenous girls academies to help them finish school and enter the workforce.

More STEM scholarships will be provided for women. Another 5,000 places are being made available in higher education short courses.” (Source)

Other related sources

2021 Women’s Budget Statement 2021-labor-womens-budget-statement.pdf (alp.org.au)

Budget 2021: Women’s safety measures beefed up by $1.1b (afr.com) (11 May 2021)

Note the one reference to men is a derogatory one. You see, he rightly says men receive more superannuation than women. But he says it in accusatory tones, as if men have somehow colluded to gain this financial advantage over the women in their lives. It is, Mr. Frydenberg believes, another example of the inequality women must endure and the government must address this inequity.

Men receive more super for one simple reason-they work many more years than women do. Regardless of the reasons for this fact, it is no less than men deserve for their years of labour. If women choose to have babies or would rather work part-time for a healthy work/life balance then jolly good for them. Yet now we have all kinds of ideas being suggested so we can redress this imbalance.

One of the key reasons women are demanding more super is the fact that they live longer than men and therefore have to rely on finances that will help them to go the distance with comfort and security.

How dare men die years earlier than women. Typical!

Once again, what was the response to this blatantly bigoted governmental policy? There were many observations, both positive and negative with regards to the likelihood of the budget improving the economy but not one word was written or spoken about the billions devoted to women’s needs and the fat sum of zero dollars to any initiatives specifically designed to improve the lives of men.

Mr. Morrrison and Mr. Frydenberg could not consider spending money on further investigations into the factors leading men to commit suicide at over three times the rate of women?

No money spent in an effort to halt the alarming slide in male enrolment in our tertiary institutions and perhaps provide incentives to young boys who are turning away from further education when they leave secondary school.

No money directed toward providing shelter and support for male victims of family violence? These men exist. They are not a fanciful invention created by fringe dwelling MRA’s.

No money devoted to extra places for indigenous boys’ academies?

No five thousand extra training places for men wanting to start working in non- traditional professions?

No money for scholarships for boys wanting to pursue a career in STEM?

This is a disgrace.

How do women can look at that budget and not cringe is truly beyond me. Yet you know the biggest complaints about this latest spending spree on our women and girls will come from feminists who will demand far more and use the same threat they have used to get their way with men since Adam was a boy.

More women and their children will die if you don’t give us billions more.

Isn’t it astonishing given the alarming rate of mothers killing their kids in recent years that we still see our government dutifully linking the words women and their children? Their fucking children?

A dear friend of mine told me some time ago that my use of expletives beginning with f drew attention away from the substance of my arguments but I find it a particularly appropriate word to use in such circumstances. What other word could possibly help to convey my bewilderment and shock at the way in which our institutions work hand in glove promoting the same lies and distortions?

Are they not the father’s children too?

And the linking is done to infer that women and their children are all victims of the one big bad bogey man- dad.

Imagine the screeches if the line men and their children appeared on government documentation?

Only a few days after digesting this bigoted budget a large envelope arrived in our letter box. It was all about the latest Red Shield Appeal which raises funds for the homeless.

This image was on the front page and there were more on the following two pages. The whole letter was devoted to women’s stories of fleeing a violent husband.

Again, the majority of all people living rough on the streets are men. Men are also on the streets as a result of violence in their home or due to the fact they have endured an abusive life beginning in childhood. But stories about men, even young ones, don’t generate the empathy and pull on the heartstrings which loosen the purse strings. So once again, it’s all about the women.

Just like ANZAC Day, the girls take centre stage despite the fact they are a minority group when it comes to who the real victims are.

The Salvation Army does good work for homeless men, but that is not the issue. There is far more funding devoted to meeting homeless women’s needs and the fact that they resort to the “scared women clutching the even more frightened child to her bosom” cliché is a disgrace. Shame on us if the image of a bloke who is down and out, perhaps sleeping on the footpath (most “homeless women have accommodation) isn’t considered shocking enough to draw a response and bring in the big bucks they are chasing.

It is another indictment on our society.

The final straw was a more personal one. I was having a lovely meal at a gathering of my siblings and partners. I asked one of my family members how her daughter was coping as a teacher. Being a former chalkie, I was keen to hear about her progress.

Oh she’s had enough of the full time teaching. She thinks she might just do casual relief work.” I smiled, nodded and continued to eat. Inwardly I was exploding.

The girl in question is someone I love, but I was so shocked once again by the sheer sense of entitlement so many females possess in our western culture.

She is not pregnant. She is able bodied and healthy. She is simply tired of the “politics in the staffroom”. Wow. Her husband is a house painter. I wondered quietly (and on my way home in the car with Maggie) how things would have gone down had her husband announced that he was stepping out of his fulltime work to pursue a less physically taxing two to three day working week.

The fact that so many women do this without demonstrating the slightest sense of awareness with regard to their privilege is stunning. This privilege is all due to the simple fact that they possess a vagina.

I have never seen a hint of gratitude from most women for the self-sacrifice of their partner who silently and without ever being acknowledged or thanked for it goes about his daily work for forty to fifty years while being told he is a privileged male who has never faced true oppression and hardship like the women in his life do.

She is not the first in my extended family to take the “I’ve had enough” option very early in their career and I am sure she will not be the last.

This issue is in fact one I think we need to focus upon more. Most men shrug their shoulders and accept this ‘right’ females believe they possess and simply soldier on. Perhaps if a few more blokes stopped and asked their partner why she believes she can simply step out of the workforce on a whim this phenomenon might at least be less common.

But therein lies the problem. Most men have been brought up to believe in all of the old gender constructs feminists claim they have eliminated. The man provides for his wife and kids. Fair enough-if the wife is pregnant or raising the kids at home. But this is not how it works. Women with no children are choosing the parttime option or no work at all and husbands continue to accept it as a woman’s prerogative.

Then of course there are the new advertising campaigns for the army and CIA in America which promote girl power and the smashing of gender social constructs which restrict girls and prevent them from reaching their full potential. Watch one. You won’t believe they are real, but sadly, they are.

David Vincent, please give me the strength and persistence you displayed as you fought to expose the aliens amongst us, despite the overwhelming odds and days of desperate despair. Like you, I have to believe one day, we shall open the eyes of our brothers and sisters to the poisonous pull of gynocentrism.

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