Are Women Raising Sonsbands?

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Willie Havmire has some thoughts here on something that will undoubtedly offend a lot of people, but actually describes reality for millions of single mothers and their sons:

Erin Pizzey has a term for what Havmire describes here this which is even more hard on the ears: emotional incest. It’s when a mother uses her son to fulfill not just her economic needs but even her emotional needs. It doesn’t literally mean physical incest, but EMOTIONAL; the relationship she wants to have with an adult man she tries to hold out through him, and this warps both her and more importantly, him as the child. It’s a sad cycle but it’s real, and more people should recognize it and try to correct it, not out of shaming people per se but in loving them enough to make them look at the truth.

This video is sure to spark some discussion. We’ll look forward to seeing what else Willie Havmire has to say.

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