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As AVFM regulars have surely noticed, the look of the website has drastically changed in recent days. We have a new, more polished look that we are very proud of. And the changes were not just in appearance. Thanks to the work of volunteers and web professionals, the back end is now much more efficient and manageable. Indeed, it is so much sleeker that we have been able to drastically reduce our web hosting costs. Those expenses have gone from nearly $300 a month to a far less burdensome arrangement.

The cost reduction has been so significant that we will be able to meet web hosting fees out of our regular operating budget and will no longer need to do fundraisers every four months to make ends meet.

That leaves us here, launching our last ever server expense fundraiser to cover the last four months of operations. We do so feeling very comfortable reminding you of the critical importance of the AVFM website. Without it, there would have been no Red Pill Movie, no ICMI Conferences and not near the change in the cultural narrative that we have witnessed over the past ten years.

So, if you’ve ever considered the implications of a world without AVFM; if you’ve ever considered the work of Paul Elam as important to your personal Red Pill path, please chip in with this last push to modernize AVFM and to keep it accessible to the world.

Please donate now and thanks to all in advance for your support!



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