Daddy’s Fight

Daddys Fight

Below,  is the story of Ryan Logan Brochu.

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My name is Ryan Brochu and I am an  Edmonton father whom is stuck in the battle of my life. Since 2008 I have dealt with  what I consider to be “PURE TORTURE”!!  I have a child who is 9 years old., my only child.  While being with the mother of my child, our child and myself were abused mentally, emotionally, and physically. She did such things as cut me with a knife, set me on fire (which she admitted in court), and kicked me in the groin which resulted in myself being rushed into the hospital by ambulance where I recieved emergency surgery leaving me with permanent stitches for life in each testicle to hold everything still. I strongly believe my child’s mother has also abused our child since the age of birth to present.

She had completely changed when she became pregnant with our child. I started noticing mood swings, always angry etc. When our child  was born the mother had left our child in the hospital room by himself and had also locked herself in the hospital room bathroom crying., having an episode. This is when I really noticed a complete change in her. When we came home from the hospital she would do such things as pick our child up just  by his one arm,  as a newborn. When I or my family confronted her by letting her know that she could be seriously hurting him. She replied by saying if he isn’t crying then I’m not hurting him. In  her care our child’s head has been split open. I was given 2 completely different stories of which both “did not”  make any sense.

I was also witness to our child’s mother’s mother close fisting our child in the head leaving him with a goose egg on his forehead. I was having my parenting time with  our child  family present,  my family noticed what appeared to be an actual hole in the back of our child’s  neck. I took pictures and also spoke with Child Services. I thought it looked like a stab wound and Child Services thought a “really bad” cigarette burn.  I have numerous of recordings, pictures, police and RCMP reports including a report from RCMP  stating it’s not a safe home for a child. I currently have ordered through Criminal Court a year in length Peace Bond against the mothers current partner. This order was granted with 10 “strict” conditions of which include counselling or treatment, psychiatric/psychological, anger management, reporting to a “Bail Supervisor” etc. I also have witness statements and a Child Services File which includes “SEXUAL ABUSE” on boys, meth and cocaine, trafficking and exicutions on warrents.

I suffer from my injuries and will for the rest of my life!! Every moment of each and every day, I continue to suffer in pain. I’m on medical because of it and will be for life. Our child does not have to suffer the way that I have and still do. I have had 3 legal aid lawyers and have represented myself and now on my 4th legal aid lawyer. I have been through numerous trials in court.  It saddens me that our child continues to “SUFFER”!! For 7+ years I have fought and will continue to fight. I have our child’s best interests at heart. As things are I have had it placed in the orders that the exchanging of our child is done at the main police detachment in Edmonton due to the history of violence.

One baby on the mothers side has indeed passed because of drug abuse. I absolutely  “DO NOT” want this to be the end result for our child. I have many text messages/e-mails  threatening myself and my family members. I have a “group” on Facebook called Daddy’s Fight. My “group” show’s  the “PURE REALITY” of the truth. Just in the past few months my child has been moved a couple times. I have had the Edmonton and Calgary Airport Security Team on “ALERT” as my child’s mother has indeed threatened to leave with our child. I have the Child Services File that shows the injury to our child’s neck. I also have my Medical File which shows my injury. Because I have been and continue to be on Medical since the injury I “can not” afford the bills for such things as Bilateral Assesments ($10,000), clerks notes, court transcripts (unsure of costs but was advised it’s expensive because I’d be pay by the letter), files, and up to ($5000) for a “good” lawyer etc. being on medical has limited my funding.

I am unable to afford my medication which costs $400/month. Without my medication I suffer which results in me being quite swollen in the groin area, it turns jet black where I had my surgery, I bleed and have troubles walking, showering etc. This has indeed affected our child in such way’s as he always asks his grandpa (my dad) to keep driving to the end of the sky (the mountains) when we return him to his mother, he states he wishes he had much more time with me, his language and attitude has become rougher around the edges. He has stated he hates the fighting and would like it to be different. My child is innocent and needs to be reassured that there are people in this world who really do care. Please help me “SAVE” my child from anymore abuse. All proceeds go directly to my fight for my child. His future matters!!
Save our children, Save their future!!
Thank -You to all of you whom support others in need.

Together we can change. We believe in miracles!! 🙂

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