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Not all women, but an incredibly substantial number of women, have a serious problem.

Is it narcissism? Neuroticism? Rage and anger issues? Envy? Self-obsession. A sense of entitlement? Perhaps all of the aforementioned terms.

They seem to have no shame, no internal voice or sense of irony.

Oscars were awarded a few days ago. There were many ego -centric, virtue signaling speeches which have already been forgotten. But the comments from Sigourney Weaver were so utterly absurd one has to wonder if she has developed early onset dementia.

Women seem to reflexively think of themselves as a woman first, rather than a person. They also think collectively. They don’t seem to see themselves as an individual human being who just happens to be female, they are first and foremost, a woman.

I don’t get it and never will. A woman flies an airplane across the ocean: The first words from the pilot’s lips.

“I hope I am an inspiration to all young women around the world. Just understand that you can do anything!”

There is never a simple statement about their pride at having achieved such a feat and a thank you to those who made it possible. No-they are never an individual. Whenever a woman succeeds, she is striking a blow for all women!

A female actor wins an Oscar and you can rest assured her speech will be peppered with references to strong women, female empowerment and the need for us to inspire our girls.

I don’t recall a male winner ever making a reference to his gender unless you include the last twenty years where it has become compulsory for male actors to disparage and condemn other male actors and apologize for their own presence on stage.

Funny though, even the loudest virtue signaling male feminists still take Oscar home to bed when they win that glorious statuette.

What did Weaver say and why did it cause my heart to start detonating in my chest?

On accepting her award she said:

All woman are superheroes.”

While introducing the awards for Best Score and Best Song, Larson, Gadot, and Weaver went on a riff centered around their famed superhero characters that they play onscreen, announcing that all women with no exceptions are superheroes.

Just as the “believe all women” rubbish caused me to think half of our population had undergone a Cuckoo’s Nest style lobotomy, this line is at least equally obscene, hollow, cringe inducing and deceitful.

Surely every woman who heard it, even those who screamed their apparent approval, immediately thought,

“Well, all women may be a bit of a stretch!”

But if you looked at their shining, teary eyes and apoplectic hand clapping you would never know.

Have they no shame? Imagine the embarrassment you would experience if some overhyped, overpaid male actor stood at a podium clutching his Oscar and said with not a shred of sarcasm:

All men are superheroes!

I would want to climb under my upholstered seat.

How sickeningly patronizing.

How exceedingly arrogant and presumptuous.

How idiotic.

Yet time and again, so many women seem to lap it up.

Imagine hearing this tripe about women as a man seated in the front row and feeling compelled to clap along wildly with the women just in case the camera panned and caught your eye roll or defiantly folded arms?

Seriously. Who swallows this shit?

While this endless self-congratulation and strident claims of oppression, misogyny and denial of basic human rights were being voiced I happened to see a four-minute segment on Tucker Carlson Tonight.

Tucker was doing something unheard of and rather shocking during this segment. He was devoting a few precious minutes of his time to issues and obstacles which are negatively impacting men.

Yes, that is correct. The host of a popular nightly tv program was concerned about men and wanted to present some facts which validated his concerns.

His guest was Mark Perry, a scholar at the American Enterprise Institute. Mark has compiled a simple chart titled: For every hundred girls/women.  This chart shatters the myth of female oppression in America with such clarity it is impossible for anyone to refute the story it tells.

As I read the statistics (some of which I was already aware) I felt a sick sensation in the pit of my stomach.

Even as this indisputable information was being discussed and displayed in graphics on the screen, I was conscious of the fact that any feminist who viewed them would not be swayed to review their stance on gender equality or the patriarchy. I was also certain it would not elicit a flicker of compassion or empathy from their hate filled hearts.

Reflecting on this truth had the impact one would feel when smelling the disgusting stench of a rotting carcass for the first time.

I sat quietly for a couple of minutes and tried to imagine I was a feminist raised by a rabid, man hating mum and educated in schools and universities which taught me that men and boys were a privileged, pampered and protected group in our society. This same group also purposely created a world in which women and girls were undervalued, disadvantaged and oppressed.

What would my response be when confronted with Mark Perry’s chart?

Perhaps denial. Perry invented or cherry picked those statistics.

But Perry explained very clearly that the statistics came directly from government sources which can be found online and read by anyone who has the inclination to do so.

He is a whiny man afraid of female empowerment.

He didn’t manifest as whiny. He spoke calmly and quietly and presented facts. He didn’t attack or denigrate women and he even stated that there are still legitimate issues which impact women negatively which need to be addressed.

At what point does a voice whisper in my feminist head- how is it possible that males are overwhelmingly the gender most savagely impacted in almost every area where harmful, deadly issues affecting quality of life can be measured? This is the very antithesis of what I have been told my entire life.

When I lie in my bed at night does my mind wander back to that chart and its shocking contents, even for the briefest moment?

When I engage with my feminist friends the following day and the conversation follows its natural course, ie blaming men for the world’s woes and focusing on Sigourney’s empowering comments at the Oscars, does Mark Perry’s chart come to mind? Would I dare to speak about it with my friends?

I can genuinely say that feminists are one of two things: Evil bigots who are fully aware of the disadvantages and suffering afflicting our men and boys and simply don’t care or stunningly ignorant morons. Take your pick.

Tucker Carlson focused on our politicians and even provided some sound bites from various campaigns over the years. All of these sick creeps claimed women in America are oppressed, disadvantaged, underpaid and without many fundamental rights. It didn’t matter what decade these clips came from-the speeches were almost identical. Whether it be a male or female politician, it doesn’t matter. Women are their primary focus and men are utterly invisible or worse- branded as the privileged, pampered oppressors.

In the light of the statistics presented by Perry, Tucker asked:

Why are we ignoring this?

Why isn’t there a national conversation?

Obama created a White House Council for Women and Girls and yet refused to create one for men and boys.

Read it and weep.

On March 11, 2009, President Obama signed an Executive Order creating the White House Council on Women and Girls. In his remarks at the signing, the President underscored that the purpose of the Council is to ensure that each of the agencies in which they’re charged takes into account the needs of women and girls in the policies they draft, the programs they create, the legislation they support and that the true purpose of our government is to ensure that in America, all things are still possible for all people.

Despite pressure from various groups to address some of the concerns outlined in the table above that disproportionately affect boys and men, Obama refused to create a “White House Council on Men and Boys.”

How is this behavior defensible?

How can a President be so overtly bigoted and openly give more support and money to a group who is indisputably more successful in our education system, better protected, systematically supported, healthier and safer than the group he chooses to ignore?

How is such behavior any less heinous than a President pouring more funding and support into wealthy, healthy and safe white communities while giving nothing to underdeveloped, criminal infested, poverty ridden, black or Hispanic communities?

Our politicians’ endless pandering to the female vote is a shocking indictment on women. For it is clear that they believe women are the key to their chances of election and women will only vote for a politician who states emphatically that he or she will prioritize women’s needs and wants over those of men.

What group of people (other than men) would so meekly and mutely accept their coldly calculated, routinely enforced absence from any politician’s campaign platform? I challenge any one to find evidence of past or present candidates who dared to mention concerns about issues negatively impacting men’s lives and expressed a desire to address the problem?

It is incomprehensible when even a handful of Perry’s statistics are digested.

In the age bracket 20-29 year olds for every 100 female suicides there are 450 male suicides.

For every 100 homeless women there are 242 homeless and unsheltered men.

For every 100 woman aged 20-29 who die of homicide 648 men are murdered.

T Reid writes :

According to Perry, the data in the table show that based on a large number of measures, “boys and men are faring much worse than girls and women.” Perry explains, “Despite the fact that boys and men are at so much greater risk than girls and women on so many different measures, those significant gender disparities that disproportionately and adversely affect men get almost no attention.” He added, “It’s girls and women who get a disproportionate amount of attention, resources, and financial support.” 

He cited as examples the wide availability of women’s centers and commissions on college campuses, and the lack of men’s equivalents; the disproportionately high number of women-only scholarships, fellowships, awards and initiatives for female students and faculty; girls-only STEM programs and organizations, many of which, interestingly enough, are being challenged for violating Title IX.

Aside from the sickness I felt as I contemplated the total disregard for male suffering in our society and the very remote possibility that this will ever change regardless of how many facts are presented, it did confirm one thing.

We (men and women who advocate for men and boys) are the good guys.

We (as they like to say) are on the right side of history.

We speak and write the objective, demonstrable truth.

If I was presented with a chart which demonstrated the plight of women being so parlous in our society, I would feel ashamed of the enormous gender well-being divide and support any efforts by our government to address the horrific imbalance in deaths, illness, positive education outcomes, health and workplace safety. I would not hesitate to voice my concerns to anyone willing to listen and I would be writing to politicians demanding something be done. That is what any moral human being would do when shown conclusive proof of gross injustices being perpetrated upon a group of people.

The silence in response to these facts is heartbreaking.

The fact that women continue to stand at podiums, jewel adorned, cloaked in clothing costing obscenely astronomical sums, clutching yet another award and crying out about the fact that a woman didn’t receive a nomination for best director, is beyond absurdity. It is utterly insane and morally reprehensible. The self-absorption and sense of entitlement is stunning.

But it doesn’t end there.

The denigration and demonizing of the already undervalued, overlooked, disposable gender is evil and unfathomable. A male winning an Oscar is seen as evidence of patriarchal domination and the hatred of women in the film industry.

The death and injury gap in the workplace, the suicide gap, the murder gap, the homelessness gap, the university enrolment gap, the life longevity gap, the incarceration gap, the sentencing gap and the mental health gap are evidence of…..well nothing according to politicians and most women with a public platform.

Shame on those who continue to support this vile treatment of men and boys through their silence or overtly bigoted actions.

I do deeply appreciate Tucker Carlson’s ongoing efforts to bring the truth about the unjust treatment of our men and boys by our governments, media and society in general to his viewing audience.

Trump has been better than most when trying to create a fair system that doesn’t discriminate against men and boys but

President Tucker Carlson resonates most pleasantly on the ear!



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