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Author: Robert Brockway

A high proportion of human societies have chosen some form of gender segregation and it is one of the biggest criticisms westerners often level at non-western societies. In recent years there is evidence that western civilisation may be adopting increased gender segregation. A lot of gender segregation in western countries is being driven by feminists who state that they often feel threatened by men, sometimes merely by their presence.



There is a Lesbian-only cemetery in Germany.

Domestic Violence Shelters

Throughout the world, domestic violence shelters are nearly universally available only to women.


Women-only gyms are common throughout the west and widely known about.


There are now many women-only hotel floors and hotels. This is a growing trend.

There are a few hotels around the world that advertise as men-only although it is unlikely that this is enforced in western nations.


A women-only market has recently opened in London.

Music Concerts

Sweden recently had a music concert that was non-men. The festival was found to be in violation of the country’s discrimination laws.

Parking Spaces & Roads

Australia, China, Kuwait, Malaysia, Indonesia, Austria, Italy, and South Korea now have women-only parking spaces in some areas.

This practice is even more widespread in Germany. The town of Triberg in Germany created male-only and female-only parking spaces, allocating the more difficult parking spaces to men. It is unclear if the town had to backtrack under feminist pressure.

An insurance company in the UK has seriously suggested road lanes exclusively for female drivers.

Police Stations

There are women-only police stations in Brazil, Argentina, Guatemala, Peru and India. Australian academics have been studying the Argentinian model with a view to the introduction of women-only police stations in Australia.

Private Clubs

Many women-only private clubs thrive will men-only clubs are forced to open their doors to women.

Public Spaces

Some public spaces in Australia have women-only seating.

Public Transportation

Jessica Valenti, a well known feminist blogger, has explicitly proposed gender segregation on public transport. Some countries are already doing this. There are women-only bus seats in Switzerland and India. There are women-only train carriages in Malaysia, Germany and other countries. There has even been a proposal for women-only seating sections on aircraft.

Men are not permitted to travel on trains during certain hours in Chennai, India.


Women only restaurants are becoming common.

Swimming Pools

The city of Hamilton New Zealand seriously considered banning men from a ”public” swimming pool during certain times, creating women-only swimming sessions.

Taxis & Ride Sharing

New York City has a women-only taxi service. Although they have apparently had trouble finding sufficient female drivers. A similar service has been proposed for Melbourne, Australia and is in use elsewhere.

Women-only ride sharing service operate in several large Australian cities and in US states such as California.

University Classes

US universities have female only education sessions.

Working Spaces

The US has a growing number of female-only co-working spaces.


This raises the interesting question about whether it was women who drove segregation in other societies. This would be interesting considering that gender segregation in non-western countries today is often claimed as principally disadvantaging women.


It may be reasonable for a society to permit gender segregation, but it must be on just and equal terms. Thus a society should permit both men-only and women-only organisations only if they are available on equal terms. A society should allow both or it should allow neither. Currently women in the west continue to enjoy uninterrupted access to women-only spaces and organisations while men are today largely prohibited from having men-only spaces and organisations.

This article draws from Wiki4Men. Citations for information presented above may be found here.

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