In the middle of a pandemic, feminists ask, “What about me?”

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Even in the middle of a global pandemic we can always count on feminists to remind us that it’s all about them.

The Atlantic released an article titled The Coronovirus Is A Disaster For Feminism;

The article addresses the self-isolation, work-from-home issue that has been suggested/forced upon us by health officials and our politicians. The author’s fear lies in a most critical issue: “Who’s going to watch the kids while we’re stuck at home?”

From the article:

one of the most striking effects of the coronavirus will be to send many couples back to the 1950s. Across the world, women’s independence will be a silent victim of the pandemic.

Although the article addresses the fact that the coronovirus effects “women less severely,” it should be noted that putting the emphasis on women being affected less severely redirects from the reality that it impacts men more severely.

But feminists don’t care about those types of inequalities. Just like the facts that men are more likely to die on the job, more likely to commit suicide, more likely to end up homeless, etc.

No, no, no. The real issue isn’t how we stay safe and healthy during a global pandemic, which has to date infected over 200,000 and killed over 10,000. The real issue is how this all effects feminists leisure time, presumably as men are either writing their great novel or, in fact, actually working. The issue is who’s responsible for child care?

It’s interesting to also note how the article at first seems reasonable in this question but further in in the article it subtly re-brands childcare as ”unpaid labor.” This is the technique of propagandists. Unpaid labor is mentioned three times in the article:

At the same time, school closures and household isolation are moving the work of caring for children from the paid economy—nurseries, schools, babysitters—to the unpaid one. The coronavirus smashes up the bargain that so many dual-earner couples have made in the developed world: We can both work, because someone else is looking after our children. Instead, couples will have to decide which one of them takes the hit.

All this looking after—this unpaid caring labor—will fall more heavily on women, because of the existing structure of the workforce.

Look around and you can see couples already making tough decisions on how to divide up this extra unpaid labor.

I wonder how this attitude translates into the treatment of their children.

The feminists, who are also pro-abortion most if not all of the time, have no problem referring an unborn child as “just a clump of cells,” and to the care of our children as just ”unpaid labor.”


The article references one woman’s concern during this crisis. Her husband by the way, is a physician in the emergency department, who treats coronavirus patients. He’s living in the garage in between shifts while her and the kids live in the house fighting over the remote.

As I attempt to home school my kids (alone) with a new baby who screams if she isn’t held, I am worried about the health of my spouse and my family.

At least she’s “worried” about her spouse.

So as she suffers the responsibility of this ”unpaid labor” her husband is tasked with saving lives while risking his own.

Sound familiar? If it doesn’t check out the statistics on male deaths during WWII. While women used working in factories during WWII an opportunity to flex their muscles saying”women can do it too!”. Men were walking head first into an a firefight on the beaches of Normandy.

Five million American women worked physical labor jobs in factories while about 400, 000 American soldiers died in WWII. Guess how many were men?

Both heroes, but not all heroes are the same.

How is this relevant? It’s relevant because the slightest inconvenience a modern day, mostly white feminist, has to suffer involves the manipulation of data and facts to push a cause that only serves to benefit them.

They’ll mention how black women are twice as likely to die in child birth, but these white feminists only exploit that data to serve their own interests.

So why are these feminists so opposed to caring for their children? Because they’ve been brainwashed into thinking childcare is an unimportant responsibility, as is evident in the high divorce rates in couples where the dad stays at home.


This article was originally posted at The Perspective Post, and is republished here with the author’s permission.

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