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It is Happening Again

I am so tired.

I don’t want to write about this subject again.

I don’t want to feel the constriction in my chest as I read over the endless lies, hate filled rants and deliberately deceptive statistics.

But I have to write again, or I won’t sleep.

A father of three children murdered his wife and kids in the most horrific way a person could possibly imagine. He burned them alive.

The family

I felt sick when I heard the news and tried to imagine the utter devastation and shock all who loved these people would be feeling, but it was impossible.

If I am going to be honest (and I always am) I felt sick for another reason. I was very aware that this incident would be the catalyst for yet another tsunami of hatred directed at men, cloaked under the guise of compassion, hurt, a cry for justice and a desire for the protection of women and children.

My sense of foreboding was completely justified within a few short hours. The headlines and articles screamed about the monster who committed this atrocity. The comment sections were filled with people hoping this father would rot in hell. He wasn’t a man-he was scum.

Fair enough most might say.

It could be considered an appropriate response to such an unimaginable action. But only if the response is always one of outrage and condemnation regardless of who committed the atrocity. Surely that is the very definition of fairness and justice.

The very moment we see different standards being applied in any situation, we begin to understand that there is an agenda, a bias, a rigged game being played. Kids sniff out a double standard quicker than a rattle snake strikes.

Three men were burned alive by their female partners in Australia last year. Two of them were set alight in front of their children.

Let me quote a passage from Jewell Drury’s outstanding article on her Facebook Page:

Last week I shared the domestic violence deaths of three men, Jeffrey Lindsell and two Fathers, Darren Reid and Daniel Surtees, who were all set on fire by their partners in separate incidents, in front of their children and later died from their injuries.

Three men each murdered in a brutally, evil and barbaric act allegedly murdered by their female partners.
All three set on fire and left to die.

No floral tributes , no public domestic violence outcry, no DV outrage by the Project or Today Hosts, nobody to stand up for these men who were innocent victims of Domestic Violence.

I would suggest there would be very few people in Australia who have heard or read one word about these shocking murders. What does that tell us about the sickness in our society? How can our government and media be so transparently bigoted? But wait one moment. There is a television program in this country called The Project. One of the hosts of the program is a woman by the name of Lisa Wilkinson. You may recall I wrote an article about this vile woman when she ranted about men and demanded they teach their boys not to rape and kill women.

I didn’t think it possible for this program or woman to promote an idea more sickening than the notion that boys have to be taught not to rape and kill, but I think she managed to achieve it.

I saw the opening few seconds of the show and immediately switched it off for my nerves were already frayed from a weekend barrage of lies and man hatred in the media.

Fortunately, Jewell Drury had the spine I lacked. She posted a clip of an interview in which Wilkinson discussed the tragic murder /suicide with Jenna Price- a rabid feminist. Almost as notorious as Clementine Ford in our neck of the woods.

The opening minute of the interview was disturbing enough as Price defended the idea her friend, Heather Nancarrow is hoping to put into practice.

Heather Nancarrow, the chief executive of the Australian National Research Organisation for Women’s Safety, proposed the most radical intervention.

We must fix men who are, far and away, responsible for most murders of female partners (and of people in general.) This is no exaggeration, no fiddling with the figures.

When any man is transitioning out of a relationship, she says, he should be monitored.

What she means is that during the period of separation, every man must be put on a program with mental health checks and scrutinised for signs of violence to ensure he is making the transition safely and not a risk to women, children or themselves.

‘‘This won’t please everyone but we have tried to put support around women and it’s not working,’’ she says. ‘‘We must target individual men.’’

What would it involve? A law forcing every separating couple to register this development with police? The practicalities would be difficult and Nancarrow admits it’s a radical idea but this is an indication of her desperation.

Worse was to come.

Wilkinson asked Price about men who die in domestic violence incidents at a rate of once every twenty-nine days. So even as she was framing a question to promote the notion she is not forgetting about male victims, she presented a shockingly inaccurate and false statistic which grossly understated the frequency of male deaths in domestic violence incidents.

According to the The Australian Institute of Criminology, one woman is killed every six days and one man is killed every 10 days in a domestic violence incident.

She is not just a bigot-she is a misinformed fool or a liar.

Jenna Price continued to utter sick and unhinged comments. She suggested although not all men are violent abusers, rapists and murderers:

“I would say you have to argue that a lot of men benefit from the kind of relationship which keeps women in a subordinate position and then elevates men”

What the fuck is she trying to say? Even men who don’t abuse are still benefiting from the abuse performed by a tiny handful of other men?

I’ll never know because nobody bothered to ask for any clarification.

When Wilkinson presented her question about male victims, Price responded by saying women make up a tiny fraction of offenders. She said.

“Men are murderers.

I know that sounds dramatic and generalizing, but women are not murderers.”

Again-these outrageous claims were not questioned. It is incomprehensible that a program claiming to be a fact based news presenter  can allow such disgustingly bigoted views to be expressed and not counter them in any way.

Jewell Drury immediately posted a long list of recent child and partner murders committed by women in Australia. Some of them every bit as horrific and unimaginable as the actions of Rowan Baxter.

Contemplate the lie Jenna Price spoke on a national TV news program as you read Drury’s response. Price could lie with complete security, safe in the knowledge that she would not be called out as a liar by the so -called journalists who interviewed her.

Rather than just post a link I want to present the words written by Jewell in this article. Her response was so passionate and honest it gave me some sense of hope after a very bleak weekend.

Floral tributes have been laid today for the victims of yesterday’s murder with public outcries cursing the man to hell.
The Fathers Facebook videos are being used and spammed on every network interviewing “so called experts “ as they blanket this tragedy as yet another assault on women and their children.

In stark contrast the murders of children by their mothers below were represented as a mothers tragic cry for help or a woman who couldn’t cope with the pressures of the family and of course the mother MUST have suffered DV at the hands of the Father, which has been found to be completely untrue in all of these cases below……

Tamara Gurney is currently awaiting trial after allegedly murdering her three year old Isla Gurney.
The mother was charged with murdering the child and then setting her daughters bedroom on fire, the same day she was to give the child to the child’s Father after he was awarded full custody.

Akon Guode, killed her three youngest children by deliberately driving her car into a lake.
Guode was last year jailed for 26½ years for driving into Lake Gladman in Wyndham Vale with four of her children in the car on April 8, 2015.

Milka Djurasovic, 38, was found by police with self-inflicted wounds at Mullaloo Beach hours after the bodies of her daughters, 10-year-old Mia and six-year-old Tiana, were discovered at the family’s Madeley home in Perth’s northern suburbs.
She was charged with two counts of murder after bludgeoning her daughters with a hammer.

Charmaine McLeod, 35, murdered her four children Aaleyn, 6, Matilda, 5, Wyatt, 4 and Zaidok, 2, when she deliberately collided head-on with a truck on May 27, 2019.
Ms McLeod was also killed.

A Horrifying massacre took place at Cairns home six days before Christmas 2014.
Eight children aged between 2 and 14 were stabbed to death by Raina Thaiday, mother of seven of the children and the aunt of one.

A mother charged with the murder of her eight-year-old son died in jail.
Joanne Finch, 42, from Tootgarook on the Mornington Peninsula, was charged with murder over the death of her son Brodie Moran, 8, at their seaside home in March.

Mother, Deirdre Morley Murdered her three young children by sedating them using injections before they died of suffocation or lethal overdose.

Makavelii Leoni, 13 months, was not breathing when he was pulled from the bath
His mother Lina Daley, 20, has a history of drug use but claims she is not to blame
Bite marks, bruises, head graze and a possible burn mark found baby’s body
Ms Daley insists she’s not to blame but admitted to drug use and suicide attempt.

Newly divorced mother, 39, shot dead her three children all aged under 12 before turning the weapon on herself.
Ashley Auzenne, 39, was found dead Tuesday along with her children.
Her divorce with the children’s father, Murvin, had been finalized just last week
Murvin Auzenne Jr. said his estranged wife was ‘was very upset with the result’

These are just a few cases of hundreds I have found.

I really believe it is time to check ourselves.

Why is it when a woman kills her children or husband , societies first thought is that the mother needed help because of mental illness and points the finger at the Father?
They think of her with compassion and sorrow.

When a man kills his children or his partner, he is a selfish , evil monster who deserves an eternity in hell.

All acts are despicable but we can’t have it both ways .

The truth is, there is an epidemic of parents killing their children .

Why is this happening ?

We must be outraged at every murder of a child and not merely pick and choose the ones that Fathers have committed.

This isn’t about “ a narrative “ that all men are violent and all women are victims like many would have us believe .

Men and women can be violent.
Violence has no gender .
So why has yesterday’s tragedy become another assault under the banner “ mens war on women”

Every child in these stories is a victim of family violence, so why are the family violence laws gendered?

Why don’t the family violence laws reflect women and men as perpetrators of violence.

It’s time to call out the double standard that exists .

Let’s support ALL victims of domestic and family violence regardless of age, gender or sexuality .

Let’s identify the true narrative that Violence is not gendered .

Men and Women can both be violent , the proof is sadly in the pudding…just look into the eyes of each child pictured.

Let’s call out the double standard.

Let’s recognise ALL family and domestic violence and End All DV.

 And then we have Greens Senator, Larissa Waters posting the following comment on her Facebook page.

Next week in parliament, I’ll push for a national, real-time count of women killed by violence

It’s a statistic that should be published widely, daily.

We have a national road toll to keep public attention on the issue and encourage people to be more careful on the road.

The same awareness and deterrence could occur if we have a national toll on women killed by violence.

This government needs to treat the epidemic of violence against women and their children as a national crisis and urgently take meaningful action to keep it citizens safe.

We will never forget these precious little lives lost and their dear mother Hannah Clarke, nor all the other women and children killed by men.

 I want you to read over her words carefully. Think about the utter contempt this woman has for the men and children who died at the hands of their mother or partner. She chooses to render them invisible. Their deaths are of no importance or consequence in her eyes.

Contemplate the far from complete list of murders of children and men committed by women in recent years and try not to have your heart explode as mine so often seems ready to do.

These bastards are as evil and contemptible as any rabid racist on this planet.

Imagine being the brother, son or daughter of one of the fathers who was burned alive by his wife and reading Larissa Waters’ Facebook quote.

These heartless humans choose to ignore the many children and men who have been burned alive, asphyxiated, stabbed, shot, thrown from clifftops, drowned and bludgeoned because they were murdered by a woman.

This is not hyperbolic language. It is the simple fucking truth.

Yet this woman smiles back at us without a hint of guilt or shame, as do all of the women (and men) who coldly and very deliberately demonize men and ignore their pain and grief without a hint of regret.

These people are not misguided. They are haters. Rage filled haters.

Jewell Drury acknowledged our own Robert Brockway on her page.

Australian Institute of Criminology confirms that ONE man is killed every TEN days and ONE woman is killed every SIX days in a DV incident.

In an ABC Radio interview with Robert Brockway from Men’s Rights Brisbane, the statistic that “one male is a victim of domestic homicide every 10 days” was challenged by the ABC presenter and by a number of listeners.

Listen to the stunned reaction of the female presenter when confronted with some facts about domestic violence.

In a rare piece of honesty and transparency, the ABC then contacted the Australian Institute of Criminology and an Assistant Professor of Criminology at Bond University who verified that the statistic was indeed correct.

Why don’t our DV laws reflect this truth ?

 I understand that this is more of a 1:00 am rant than a coherent flowing article but please bear with me.

I read an article on one of the murder suicides listed by Jewell Drury and found the tone and language so symptomatic of the difference in approach to child/partner murder by women that I had to quote some of its contents.

The bodies of Tanja Ludwig, 33, and her two-year-old daughter Tilly were recovered from the base of the cliff below Robertson Lookout at Mt Keira near Wollongong on Tuesday afternoon.

The tragic discovery came after emergency services were called to the site following reports of a concern for welfare.

In a chilling new detail the place where she plunged to death with her daughter was her “favourite place”, according to Ms Johnston.

“Tanja loved the bush,” Ms Johnston wrote in a Facebook post.

“She attended many of the meditation events we held in the rainforest under Robertson Lookout.

Her last conversation with me, less than a fortnight ago, we walked along the pathway together in the rainforest and she shared how she had brought her German friends that were visiting here for walk as it was her favourite place.”

    Ms Ludwig also spoke about “how much her daughter loved the trees and how she ran along the pathway enjoying it so much”.

Tilly was just 10 days shy of her third birthday when she was killed.

“(Ms Ludwig) told me of the new trails they had explored together and the big tree she found,” she said.

“She just loved this place and was always so thankful for the experience of being in nature, meditating and staring up into the tree canopy.

“She was thankful that she could come to this place to feel so relaxed and restored.

“The last place I saw her was under the view of Robertson Lookout sharing a tea.”

 A picture of a beaming Ms Ludwig also referred to Perinatal Anxiety & Depression Awareness week. Her profile was bombarded with tributes as news of her and her child’s death began filtering out.

“I wish I did know you so I could’ve tried to help you find light in the dark,” one local wrote on Wednesday.

Anti-domestic violence project, The Red Heart Campaign, mourned Ms Ludwig’s child as the seventh young life killed this year.

Flowers have been laid near the lookout by members of the community touched by the tragedy.

An eerily similar incident took place on April 18, 2002, where a woman, 31, jumped off the same cliff holding her five-year-old son.

There were three comments about the murder/ suicide.

A sad very tragedy.  Condolences to family and friends.




9 months ago

My thought s are with her friends, family and the father of her daughter.
I cannot begin to imagine the absolute hopelessness and isolation which has caused this tragedy, we should not judge her, as a person in depression is unable to think logically.

Anyone reading this, if you feel you need assistance please contact one of the Mental Health support organizations or your local Mental Health Team.





9 months ago

No way I feel for this poor young lady who cried out for help but the weight of a lost relationship was too much for her to bare! I feel for her family too, we have no right to judge this tragedy



 A cry for help. Poor young lady. We should not judge her. A person in depression cannot think logically. A very sad tragedy. Bombarded with tributes!

“I wish I did know you so I could’ve tried to help you find light in the dark,” one local wrote on Wednesday.

Possibly all of these comments could be considered appropriate if only the response was the same when a man jumps off a bridge with his child. That is called controlling, vicious, vengeful and an indication of men’s sense of ownership of their children.

Forgive me for my ramble. I will say goodnight.

The road goes ever on


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