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Sometime, about thirty years ago, the media portrayed college guys like us as drug- and sex-obsessed frat boys in some animal house; and people believed it. That movie made guys lose their way just when college access was expanding beyond the grasp of the rich. During the college expansion years, we created women’s centers to help the female students, but no men’s centers to help the first generation guy.

You know how we had the GI Bill? That was established to help the men from World War II acclimate to peace. We should have recognized the need for something like that on a systemic level for men as we transitioned to a world of equality. Money was spent to help women transition to equality, but nothing for men; and masculinity was hung out to dry and straight and gay men lost a common community.

Today, the only men’s centers we have are run by women’s centers geared, not at teaching about the goodness of men or helping our sons, but at defining masculinity for feminists, by feminists—deconstructing it. I don’t want to hear what it means to be a man, from a woman—that would be ‘splaining and women don’t like that when it’s done to them. I want to see what it means to be a man, from men and the history of our accomplishments.

Masculinity flows in time—gay, straight, gentle, strong, aggressive, artistic, or ascetic. It is the flow from its vigor to its loss of energy—that as the power of the erection wanes, a man must accept the loss of virility while still being a man (and try not to sit on his balls).

I love doing what men do; like being able to write my name in the snow with yellow ink. I can pee in a Coke bottle, and I get to stand without taking my pants off, in those blue portable urinals at public festivals. I can masturbate to orgasm in ninety seconds, wait ten minutes and do it again and again and again and again. I carry two testosterone engines with me in a sack I hold closely. My gender is external to my body: it is an object, and I like objectifying—objectifying is a normal thing for guys and there is nothing evil in it, except as thinking makes it so.

And I can do it again…

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