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One of the big issues during Canada’s recent election was “missing and murdered aboriginal women” (and, truth be told that’s good and it’s a valid issue).

However I think “missing and murdered ANYONE” is the real issue. However, since we’re looking at specific demographics, I’ve long thought that (as usual) it’s sad that missing and murdered men and boys are – again as usual – not even considered.

Here are several stories from around the web.

Just as the majority of domestic violence incidents in North America in hetero couples are female against male partner (but you don’t hear about it) it’s also the case with missing and murdered aboriginal men and boys – by far the lion’s share of incidents.

Again, ALL bad regardless of gender but we’re looking at demographics.

OPP to issue report on missing and murdered aboriginal men, women

The Original Story on Globe and Mail

Murdered and Missing Aboriginal Men and Boys

“Aboriginal men are murdered extremely often, relative to all other groups… And nobody really cares”
Dr. Adam Jones, UBC Political Science Prof

Why must our discourse on Aboriginal violence exclude anyone?

Original story on Equality Canada


Are we ignoring missing and murdered indigenous men?

Aboriginal men account for approximately 71 per cent of aboriginal homicide victims in Canada, but rates of violence against indigenous men don’t seem to mobilize the same kind of support or interest — and haven’t been studied to the same extent. Dr. Adam Jones, a professor of political science at UBC Okanagan, wants to change that.

Original story on CBC


Aboriginal men murdered at higher rate than aboriginal women

Between 1980 and 2012, 14 per cent of female murder victims with a known ethnicity were aboriginal, far exceeding their 4 per cent share of the female population, according to Statistics Canada.

But 17 per cent of male murder victims were also aboriginal during that time. In total, nearly 2,500 aboriginal people were murdered in the past three decades: 1,750 male, 745 female and one person of unknown gender.

Original Story on The Star

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  1. Thank you for this making this issue come to life. I have posted this on as many Facebook groups as I can.

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