Narcissism Exaggerates Baseline Hypergamy

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Author: Peter Wright

Society’s encouragement of the sexes into quasi social classes, with men as chivalric class and women as freewheeling nobles, has generated a certain kind of narcissism among women in recent times. Acquired Situational Narcissism is a psychological state arising with acquired status, as in the examples of academic experts, politicians, pop singers, actors … and in this case women who, in modern society, are taught that they possess high worth, dignity, value, purity, status, esteem and reputation – simply for being women. This psychological disposition seeks to multiply the effect of hypergamy above what evolutionary models would require.

Among high narcissistic individuals, studies have discerned an increase in hypergamous behaviors, indicating that hypergamy may not be unleashed by a culture of sexual liberation alone; it may also be the result of an acquired social class narcissism that says “I deserve.”

Excerpts from narcissism studies:

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