NCFM Adviser John Davis, Do Not “Believe the Victim:” Simplifying “Trauma Informed” Frauds

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We’ve heard a lot, lately, about “trauma informed investigations” in the media.

The media propaganda on “trauma informed investigations” supports a rape hysteria dynamic known as “believe the victim.”  The concept of “believe the victim” is that authorities should prosecute men whenever a man is accused of sexual misconduct, even if there is no evidence, or, as more frequently occurs, the evidence contradicts the accuser.

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The purpose behind “believe the victim” and “trauma informed investigations” is to empower women to severely punish any man, whenever she pleases, and, for whatever reason.  Advocates of “believe the victim,” and “trauma informed investigations” know that if the police merely bring charges, or, disclose an “investigation” of a sex crime, against a man, it will permanently ruin the man’s reputation, employment chances, and destroy his standing in any community – forever.

At present, because of the intense rape hysteria in our culture, driven by the media, police are now refusing to file charges in over 85% of cases.  We know this figure is a “hard” statistic from feminist studies.  I quote from a recent rape accuser advocate’s presentation to law enforcement:

“This is the very first step in the criminal justice system. On average, 86 percent of the reported sexual assaults never went any further than the police. The vast majority of these cases were never referred by the police on to the prosecutors.” Rebecca Campbell , Ph.D. Professor of Psychology, Michigan State University, National Institute of Justice Transcript, December 3, 2012

Instead of admitting that 85% of accusations women make to the police are false, feminists contrived a need to “train” the police in “trauma informed investigations.”

The concept of “trauma informed investigations” comes from an area of psuedo-science known as “neurobiology.”  “Neurobiology” is a euphemism for some pseudoscientists speculating about reality, with a political agenda, to contrive specious (false, but it sounds good) theories about why the police should ruin a man’s life by filing charges just because an accuser says she has been raped.

The ruse of the “trauma informed” narrative goes something like this:  If the woman feels that she has been raped, then, she has been raped even if there is no evidence that she has been raped, other than her feelings that she has been raped, and that she must be believed even if evidence contradicts her belief.  If the police question her, and, she cannot recall any details, such as time, and place, or method used, or a description of the assailant, or the sensory experiences she had, it is because she has been “traumatized” by the rape (rather than because the rape did not occur).

We know from extensive studies on false accusations, that false accusers will not be able to recall details of an accused rape.  The U.S. Air Force Office of Special Investigations conducted an intense study of over 1500 cases of accusations of rape, and, provides us with a guideline for detecting false accusations of rape:

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These indices of false accusations are exactly what the pseudo-science of “trauma informed” theories are designed to excuse and cover up with specious speculative “theories” that have no scientific basis.

Police are well trained to assist real victims of rape in recalling details.  It is, arguably, uncomfortable to have to recall those details, and the police are well equipped to give rape accusers the time and sensitive context in which to recall those details.  Neuroscience tells us that a traumatized victim will have a hyperaccurate recall of a trauma.  Amnesia can occur, but it is rare – less than 1% of cases.

What is happening is that many rape accusers are “reporting” a rape to the police, but, when asked to provide details, they do not recall anything except vague details about sex they might have had with someone.  The rape accuser will often identify someone as the perpetrator, only to have the police find, upon investigation, that the accused could not have committed any crime.

For example, a full 28% of DNA samples sent to the FBI laboratories to identify an accused prove that the accused could not be the person identified from the DNA sample.

In addition, the investigation and trial process frequently show that the accuser accused the wrong man, or, accused a man who could not have committed the accused crime.  Misidentification by rape accusers is common – so common that the U.S. Supreme Court is currently examining the reliability of eye-witness testimony.

To rape accuser advocates, however, ruining a man’s life with a false accusation of rape is inconsequential to the pursuit of justice in our criminal justice system.  “Believe the victim” has become a rallying cry for fanatics intent on fostering and nurturing rape hysteria to the detriment of the public and the integrity of the criminal justice system.

“Trauma informed” hoaxes are designed to empower false accusers, to ruin a man with an accusation, and, excuse the accuser for making the false accusation.

The “believe the victim” and “me too” movements are nothing more than lynch mobs, designed to punish men, without due process of law, simply because they are men.  This is an integral part of our culture’s war on men, and, the use of rape hysteria to demonize men and their sexuality.  The result is a cultural hysteria about men, and their sexuality, to divide women against men, and, make both of them easier to manipulate with the hysteria.

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If we are going to heal the rift in our culture, between men and women, it is vital that we being questioning accusations against men, and, the pseudo-science that is emerging to empower media lynch mobs and false accusers.

False accusations of rape, and, false accusers, are common because false accusers have no accountability in our culture for falsely accusing men, and ruining men.

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NCFM Adviser John Davis, Do Not “Believe the Victim:” Simplifying “Trauma Informed” Frauds


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