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It should be obvious that the battle of the sexes is heating up, and that men are falling behind. As one fair weather indicator, a paltry 42% of undergraduate college students are men, while a sturdy 58% of students are women. Perhaps something will change, or too many women crushed by college debts, but I would not count on it. Higher education and higher wages, have a tendency to go together and will probably continue to do so.

The feminist revolution has vastly changed the ways men and women see each other. Consider the battle against the generic “he” and “his” pronouns, which used to refer to an individual whose sex is unknown or irrelevant. Thus, “he who snoozes, looses” referred not just to men who snooze, but to women as well who snooze. It would seem that the battle began as a feminist challenge, but we have information otherwise from underground sources who report that it began with an organization of foolish men who cared only about their own privilege. The name of the organization is strictly confidential, and I have been sworn to secrecy, but for convenience, I shall simply refer to them as the “masculists,” although I could call them the patriarchal masculists or the proud masculists and still be spot on. These men seemed to be looking to feel insulted, and considered it a grievous wrong that women had their own “she” and “her” pronouns, whereas men had to share their pronouns with women, thus feminizing the ostensibly masculine pronouns and leaving men with no strictly masculine pronouns. The organization figured they could get some traction, and tried it out, correcting women who used these pronouns wrongly.

Initially, women wondered why anyone would care about generic pronouns, but it took them not too long to realize that they could spin the issue to their advantage. Why not claim that it is the women themselves who are being oppressed by the generic pronouns, require everyone to use the awkward “he” or “she” phrasing, and scold whoever fails to do so. The masculists conspirators had started something that they had no way to stop, and they got their gooses cooked. Generic pronouns may seem almost irrelevant, but that was the advantage in them. How many men would risk being glared at or openly scolded for using “he” to include women? So it appeared that God himself or herself or itself had ordained that the “he” pronouns could never be used to include all of us, and that whoever might do so should be righteously shunned or scolded for his sin.

All this was just one skirmish, which the masculist conspirators lost big by underestimating their opponents. I will continue writing about how the battles really unfolded, so long as you continue to read my record.

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NCFM Adviser Richard Driscoll, Ph.D, Death by Pronoun Fiction

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