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I Need A Little Help with Men’s Rights by Fred Sottile

There is a lot of talk, still in 2020, about women’s rights. You’d think the issue would have been addressed enough by now. After all, women compose more than half of college enrollment, have equal pay for equal work and any job they like, spend more money than men, are home owners, and disproportionately have primary custody of children.

Women’s rights have been the squeaky wheel of the last fifty years, and that wheel has been greased to the point of dripping on the street.

It seems only fair, at this point, to humbly ask, what do men need? There have been areas of society where women have been handed the short end of the stick. The same is true for men. Men and women used to die at the same age. Now men of the same race die an average of seven years sooner than women. Why is that? You know the list of the short end of the stick for men. Men die in war protecting women at a rate of a hundred to one. Men commit suicide more than women at a rate of five to one. Women inherit from men more than men inherit from women. Women, because of their longer life collect more social security than men, yet pay at the same rate. Finishing this list is what I need help with. (I hate ending a sentence with a preposition, but this article not meant as an academic treatise, it’s supposed to be chatty)

So this is where I need the help.

Men’s Rights? Let’s elaborate. I propose that we do this subject together. I will kick it off. I will begin the list with the hope that you as the reader will improve this article until it is comprehensive. Read the list and add to it. Correct it. Fine tune it. Give citations if you are the type that needs them. I welcome your input.

Each month I will add your input and publish the improved article.

Health Care

There is more money allotted for breast cancer than for prostate cancer.

Women spend more money on medical care than men. Do men subsidize women’s health care?


There is a Federal department that addresses the needs of women. Is there a similar department for men?

There is a Congressional Caucus for women. Is there a similar caucus for men?

Family Law

The average child custody dispute results in fathers getting an average of thirty present of the time. This is less than one third. Is this what we want? Why is this?

Work Environment

Men seem to do all the jobs that are dirty, difficult, and dangerous. Does that seem fair? A woman told me to give her a hundred bucks, and she would do anything I asked. I gave her the money and told her to paint my house. She said, “Not Funny.”What kind of woman was that?


Men seem to do all the jobs that are dirty, difficult and dangerous. Does it seem like a trend is developing?


Pandering to the “fair sex” starts in elementary school. Little girls are inclined to sit and listen. That is the typical classroom format. Little boys need to move around and learn by looking, not listening. We all know this, yet schools are still formatted for little girls.

As puberty hits, girls mature earlier than boys. Boy’s natural sex drive must be subdued, while young women are allowed, and in fact encouraged, to display their sexual software, adding to the distraction and frustration of boys. Hello.

In college this disparity of hormonal differences is only increased. Women are protected from the advances of men, but men are not protected from the fancies of women.

This continues in the work world. Women are allowed to be provocative, yet provocation by men is often regarded as harassment or even rape. Women who desire attention from the cautious men only turn up the provocation until it becomes problematic. Women have created an environment where hiring them is often a path to trouble. Even many women I’ve talked to don’t want this, yet it’s the way it is today. Who really wants this? Why are they in charge? Harassment in the workplace; no one wants that. Having your life destroyed in the workplace; no one wants that even more.


We have DNA tests. If the child is not yours, why are you forced by law to give money to its mother? Scam, Scam, Scam!

So this is the beginning of the effort. Let’s make a definitive list. With the list, we can track our progress. I say, men’s issues have not just been ignored; they have been poo pooed for decades. I think we need a score card. I really do. I am tired of “The Dialog.” I want measureable results. Women have made great strides. The job of “empowering” women was dirty, difficult, and dangerous so men really helped. Now I believe that women with their advanced degrees should see the value and fairness in helping men. Ladies, show us that you can do any job a man can do and fix this inequity, or is it too much for you, and we’ll have to do it ourselves?

Either way, ladies and gentlemen, please improve my crude start with your productive comments. I’m sure you’re better at this than I, so show me your expertise. Make it right.

NCFM Board Member Fred Sottile, I Need A Little Help with Men’s Rights