NCFM Files Complaint with the California Fair Political Practices Commission & the IRS Criminal Division of Mariposa County Superior Court Judge F. Dana Walton

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As frequent readers of NCFM are fully aware, we have been making inquiries and conducting advocacy efforts on behalf of Mariposa Rancher Jerry Cox, who has lost his ranch in a corrupt receivership action, and after being falsely accused and criminally charged with sexual assault.

As a result of our efforts, many persons have come forward and have provided information that has assisted our efforts.  After making some public record inquiries, NCFM found some very troubling information concerning Mariposa County Superior Court Judge F. Dana Walton.

As a result of these discoveries, NCFM has filed a formal complaint and request for an investigation and audit of Judge Walton with the California Fair Political Practices Commission and the Criminal Division of the IRS.  You can download a copy of our cover letter here. 200825 NCFM Walton Complaint CAFPPC & IRS Cover Letter

NCFM has also asked for the same for the Alliance for Community Transformations, which is the local domestic violence parent or umbrella organization which oversees and distributes federal and state taxpayer grant money, as well as donations to the various programs that operate under the Alliance’s purview.

Readily available public record tax information about the activities and expenditures of the Alliance for Community Transformations reveals astronomical and exorbitant expenditures for operating expenses, some of which go back to Judge Walton, which is a CLEAR conflict of interest.  Public records also reveal other outlandish expenditures that suggest that those employed or affiliated with the Alliance for Community Transformations are financing a lavish travel lifestyle with taxpayer funds.

We urge local residents and readers to conduct some very basic inquiries of readily available public records, examine the figures and decide for yourself whether this makes any sense.  Ask yourself if your tax dollars are being put to good use; for actual domestic violence programs, or is this a very clever way to redistribute tax dollars to benefit a few?  Where exactly are your tax dollars going, and how much is being squandered?

For many years, NCFM and like organizations have extensively reported on the level of fraud and embezzlement involving domestic violence coalitions or cooperatives that have various programs or communities under their purview.

Just recently, NCFM published the article NCFM, Women Industries News, Tiffany Carr $750K per year to run domestic violence programs ( of the head of the Florida Domestic Violence Coalition who is under investigation by state law enforcement authorities.  While it is still unclear and difficult to quantify, it seems that CEO Tiffany Carr was receiving a combined yearly compensation package of over $4 million dollars.  We are guessing that her three luxury homes, one of which was on the water with its own yacht slip and dock may have given it away.

As this Florida example and numerous other examples reveal, many of these so-called collectives or coalitions are constructed in such a way to make it very difficult for members of the general public and oversight bodies to see exactly where the money is going and for what.

There are many cases in the news that expose the waste, fraud, theft and corruption involving these domestic violence coalitions.  Just a review of some of the readily available public record tax filings, which are required by law reveals that in many cases, tax payer money that is actually going towards providing services to domestic violence and sexual assault victims is less than 10%.

The taxpaying residents of Mariposa County need to learn where their dollars are going and for what reason.  The residents need to hold accountable, their elected and appointed leaders and ask the same questions.

There are Mariposa County residents who are struggling financially and it might be troubling to learn if leaders or employees of the local organizations that should be serving actual domestic violence victims, are squandering away taxpayer funds.

The reality is that when the government doles out nearly a half a billion dollars a year for DV and sexual assault programs, shelters, and other related services, with little to no oversight or accountability, there are going to be some who will manipulate the system.  This is not unusual; in fact, it is quite common.  The news media rarely covers stories such as this unless the level of theft and fraud is so outlandish and astronomical that it cannot be avoided.

We will see what this investigation will uncover but we anticipate other complaints will spin off from this request.

As the layers of the onion are peeled away slowly and surely, the deeply entrenched, multi-decade, multi-generational pattern and practice of corruption in Mariposa County is being exposed one corrupt example after another.

NCFM Files Complaint with the California Fair Political Practices Commission & the IRS Criminal Division of Mariposa County Superior Court Judge F. Dana Walton