NCFM Kit Martin murder case update, “Recently Released Explosive Evidence in the Kit Martin Case Reveals that False and Misleading Evidence was Presented to the Grand Jury

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Kit Martin Innocent

FOX 17 News Nashville Investigative Reporter Dennis Ferrier recently published a video report and article in the Kit Martin case going on in Christian County Kentucky.

The issue surrounds the forensic analysis of cell phone data. The damning report makes it explicitly clear that the Grand Jury which issued the murder indictment against Kit Martin was intentionally given false and misleading information.

Here is an excerpt from the News Report.

Kit Martin

The forensic report revealed that Christian County Sheriff’s Department investigator, Lieutenant Leonard Scott Smith testified that Kit Martin’s cell phone was in the area of one of the crimes scenes when factual forensic evidence states the opposite.

Kit Martin

Detective Lt. Scott Smith

The news report which is supported by the forensic analysis also debunks testimony that Martin’s, and victim Pam Phillips’ (one of the three murder victims) cell phones were traveling together in the direction of Fort Campbell, when in reality there where traveling in completely different directions.

Testifying falsely to the grand jury is a Class D Felony, Kentucky Criminal Code Statute Section 523.020;

  • A person is guilty of perjury in the first degree when he makes a material false statement, which he does not believe, in any official proceeding under an oath required or authorized by law;……….

There have other recent examples in Kentucky of law enforcement officers who have been charged with Perjury in court proceedings.

Just last month, Louisville Kentucky Metro Police Detective John David Green was indicted on two counts of Perjury related to a 2018 theft case, when he gave false testimony in two separate proceedings.  In 2017 former Kentucky State Police Detective Charles J. Senters was indicted by a Grand Jury for Perjury as he was accused of giving false statements under oath in a hearing.

The emphasis and severity of law enforcement officers falsely testifying was magnified in 1998 by Harvard Law School Professor, Alan M. Dershowitz when he testified before the U.S. House of Representatives Judiciary Committee.  He spoke of the corrosive influences of perjury in the legal system throughout the United States, stating in part.

The most heinous brand of lying (perjury by police officers) is the giving of false testimony that results in the imprisonment or execution of an innocent person.’

If it is true that Lieutenant Smith perjured himself before the grand jury and he is indicted as other law enforcement officers have been, he could also be charged federally with a criminal law violation of Title 18 U.S. Code § 242 – Deprivation of Rights Under Color of Law, which mandates a prison sentence with the length depending on the circumstances.

Last September, FOX 17 News Nashville reported that the case against Kit Martin was falling apart.  Apparently, more than a hundred items were tested for DNA and none came back to Kit Martin.  The report also states that a bullet casing they allege matched Kit Martin’s gun, found five (5) months after their initial search, was allegedly found by a third person who later failed a polygraph exam.  Here is an excerpt of that broadcast.

Kit Martin

Now there is forensic cell phone data analysis and evidence that is factually opposite of what was testified to the grand jury, which strongly suggests that perjured testimony was provided.  An unknown third person allegedly claims to have found a shell casing at the crime scene five months after the initial crime scene search and who later failed the polygraph test.  There were more than a hundred items tested for DNA and not one matched Kit Martin.  The defense claims that ballistic evidence is in dispute, and they waited 3 ½ years before issuing an indictment.

What exactly is going on? Why is Kit Martin being held in custody for nearly two years now? Has the Sheriff called for a corruption investigation by the FBI, or even issued a press release? Is it possible Martin’s re arrest is somehow politically motivated? Or, maybe it’s a ruse to deflect guilt from others involved intimately with his ex wife, bigamist Joan Harmon.

Let’s not forget facts that have already been established.  Kit Martin’s ex-wife who has since been convicted of a felony charge of Bigamy was involved with local truck driver William Stokes.  Stokes’ brother Ed, is a Detective with the Christian County Sheriff’s Department, although his photo is mysteriously missing from the department’s current website.  Public records in the criminal case reveal that Ed Stokes was present at both crime scenes.

Kit Martin

There are  rumblings that some people with knowledge about this case, beneficial to Martin, are fearful of coming forward for fear of retaliation by the sheriff’s department, district attorney’s office and powerful politicians.

For those in the Christian County – Pembroke area, if you have information or knowledge about this crime or concerns about your own safety, you can reach out to the local FBI office or the Office of the United States Marshals.  It would seem that neither the sheriff’s department nor the Kentucky State Police can be trusted.

Kit Martin

The prosecutor has a moral and legal obligation at this point to cease this charade of a wrongful prosecution of Kit Martin and the sheriff and other county leaders have a moral obligation to request a federal criminal corruption probe.  If a probe proves, as the forensic report proves, that false and misleading testimony was provided to the grand jury, then that person or persons must be indicted.

We now know that the evidence analyzed by defense experts exonerates Kit Martin, so who is responsible for this heinous crime?  There are certainly a host of unanswered questions.

Kit Martin, an honorable and innocent man has been wrongly accused and falsely put in a jail for almost two years. Why? He needs to be immediately released and he has a right to know why he has been framed for murders he did not commit.

As lead defense attorney, Tom Griffiths has stated, ‘the case against Mr. Martin is evaporating.’  We opined from the start that there was never a case to begin with.

As further developments are reported, we will keep our readers informed.


Kentucky Statutes 523.020 – Perjury in the first degree

NCFM Kit Martin murder case update, “Recently Released Explosive Evidence in the Kit Martin Case Reveals that False and Misleading Evidence was Presented to the Grand Jury

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