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I suppose everyone feels some sort of entitlement on occasion. However, the current social Zeitgeist shouts that men feel entitled to everything, and women—nothing. This is nonsense. If anything, most entitlement is owned by women. But since women seem to like to put all negative qualities onto men, entitlement gets unjustly tagged as male. I offer the examples below to show that women are the entitled sex.

Eighty percent of suicides are men. It is insane to believe that men can be considered “entitled” with a statistic like this—but women do. So entitled.

Women have successfully destroyed most men’s groups. For example, The Rotary, Boys’ Clubs, Jaycees, Kiwanis, Lions, and the Augusta Golf Club have all been forced to accept female-type persons. At the same time women have hypocritically continued established women’s groups and formed countless new women-only groups. The YMCA is now completely sex-integrated, while the YWCA is still completely female-only. Women demanded that the Boy Scouts include girls, while the Girl Scouts are still girls-only. And here are just a few of the thousands of women-only or women-focused groups formed recently: Ladies of Liberty Alliance, Leather and Lace Motorcycle Club, National Organization for Women, National Women’s Political Caucus, Red Hat Society, Royal Neighbors of America (women-led life insurers), Physics and Astronomy Graduate Women’s Association, Refugee Women’s Network, U.S. Women’s Chamber of Commerce, Women’s Caucus for Art, Younger Women’s Task Force, Women’s Sports Foundation, Curves for Women, and Girls On the Run. So entitled.

Sex is dirty and women force men to perform all of the dirty sexual initiation. Even though equality between men and women would imply that women should perform half of all dirty sexual initiation, women refuse to do this and instead form women-only groups to get away from those dirty, disgusting men and their dirty, disgusting intentions. [1] So entitled.

We often hear how men feel entitled to sex. But this is absurd. Any biologist will tell you that females control sex. Women control sex, and they make the rules in their favor. Sex happens only with the woman’s permission, and usually after some sort of payment by men—dinner, a show, a diamond ring, community property, doing the dishes, new carpeting, whispered sweet nothings—something. Men who break women’s rules are severely punished. So even if some men feel entitled to sex, it is women who feel entitled to it’s total control. So entitled.

Psychology professor Marta Meana put it another way: “women’s desire is not relational, it’s narcissistic.” [2] In her research she found that men desire women. One would expect that women would desire men. But Meana found instead that women desire being desired. Women’s desire is completely selfish. (Men are usually considered as being the selfish gender regarding sex. Could this be a myth propagated by women?) Because men desire women, and women are interested in being desired, men’s and women’s magazines both show pictures of women. It is also why women’s bodies are considered beautiful and men’s bodies are considered—well, utilitarian, if anything at all. Since women don’t desire men, this may also explain why women refuse to initiate, and why many women just lie there during sex. So narcissistic and entitled.

The shameless lengths that women’s entitlement can go are quite extreme. For example, if a woman and a man have sex while drunk, it is automatic that she has not given consent and therefore is a rape victim, while he is a rapist and perpetrator, even though they are both equally drunk. Also, we must automatically “Believe Women” who bring accusations of sexual misconduct. So entitled.

There has been much shame and derision directed at men for sexual harassment. In fact, it has come to the point where most everything that a man does sexually can be considered criminal, or at least, despicable. Men can even get into big trouble for complimenting a woman’s appearance or telling a sexual joke. Yet, there are few restrictions on women’s sexuality. Women can walk around in tight yoga pants with their breasts hanging out of their tops. Women can even paint bright pink, wet, aroused vaginal lips on their faces (kind of reminds me of baboon butts in heat) with no fear of being called out for it. Yet, men can’t tell sexual jokes! So entitled.

Women use their sexual appearance to extort and abuse men. Women use their sexual appearance to gain attention, drinks, dinners, shows, jewelry, gifts, diamond rings, community property, etc., from men they are interested in—this is extortion. But women also expect to gain many of these things from sucker men even if the women have no interest in the men at all—this is abuse. So, even though most all sexual behavior of men can now be considered criminal, women can get away with sexual extortion and abuse without fear of even being criticized. So entitled.

Men in the past held most all economic and political power. But we have made great strides in equalizing these powers between men and women. However, we have done nothing to equalize women’s sexual power over men. In fact women’s sexual power has increased. And we are not allowed to do anything that would cheapen or lessen women’s sexual power. For example, men can’t tell sexual jokes, men must initiate, men can’t view porn, prostitution is forbidden (for men), men can’t use sex robots (but women can use vibrators), women have near total freedom in their sexual appearance which we are not allowed to criticize, etc. Instead of women being offended with most all male sexuality, men are the ones who should be offended that women continue to protect their sexual power. So entitled.

Another prevalent example of women’s entitlement is the fact that we are generally not allowed to make fun of women. Comedians, sit-coms, and late-night TV shows must be careful when poking fun at women. Jokes making fun of women are likely to receive groans instead of laughs. This is especially true of sexual jokes. For example, rape jokes are strictly forbidden, except that jokes about men being raped are okay and occur frequently. Sexual-mutilation-of-men jokes are also okay. And it seems there is at least one “dick” or “nut” joke on every late-night show. But any vagina jokes or sexual jokes about women are likely to be blocked, censored, or protested. We must protect women’s sexual power. So entitled.

It is standard for scientists to make their data available to other scientists so that inadvertent or intentional mistakes and bias can be rooted out. Many feminist scientists have resisted releasing their data. And some feminist researchers have been caught falsifying data and distorting results. Their ideology gets priority over their science. But what else can be expected from those who adhere to a feminist ideology which regards the scientific method as a tool of patriarchal oppression. So entitled.

Women have countless Women’s Studies Programs that focus on women and their problems. These programs often produce and highlight faulty research. Many of these programs are funded with our taxes. There are a small number of Men’s Studies Programs, but these are usually just Women’s Studies for men. So entitled.

Women have used these faulty and distorted research results to justify many demands. This has led to much legislation unjustly benefiting women and at men’s expense. So entitled.

I think it is obvious to anyone who has seen a woman’s college basketball game immediately followed by a men’s college basketball game, that men are more athletic than women. I would guess that WNBA teams would have trouble winning against most boys’ high school teams. For more proof consider that men’s Olympic records are generally about 10 percent better than women’s. We have had nearly 50 years of Title IX, so any athletic difference due to social conditioning should have been eliminated by now. I think it is safe to assume that the athletic difference is due to biology. However, even though women are inferior athletically, they still demand equal pay in professional tennis and soccer, among other sports. So entitled.

We just are not allowed to admit that men are better than women at anything—sports, or chess, or math, or humor, or anything. (It seems women are the ones with the fragile egos.) If women do admit that men are better at something, this always results in charges that men have some sexist advantage which must be corrected. But women are allowed to claim superiority in just about everything. We hear constantly how women are more moral, more cooperative, more responsible, more competent, more efficient, more empathetic, better multi-taskers, better listeners, better caregivers, etc., etc., etc. And there are no claims of sexism that need to be fixed when women are proclaimed as superior—they supposedly are just naturally superior. So entitled.

For thousands of years men have been forced to fight and die in wars. In the United States men have often been drafted and forced against their will to fight, while women have been free to go on with their lives. And now that it appears that women may soon be required to register for the draft, women are demanding that we end the draft and draft registration. So entitled.

Evolutionarily, an important goal for a woman is to find a mate who will help her raise their children. Women look for men who are strong, competent, protective, have lots of resources, and are willing to share with her. One good way for a woman to find these men is for a woman to be a victim. A woman can then quickly find the man who is willing to help her. In this situation women are encouraged to be victims, but men are not. Women are not attracted to men who are victims. And since men are not allowed to be victims, they also are not allowed to receive help. So women demand and receive most all governmental, business, educational, psychological, medical, charitable, and media attention and aid. So entitled.

Even though much research shows that men and women are victims of domestic violence at roughly equal rates, women demand all the attention and aid. So entitled.

Even though men get and die of cancer more often than women, women with breast cancer receive the vast amount of the media attention, funding, research, and aid of all cancers. So entitled.

Even though men pay most taxes, the government panders to women, probably because most voters are female. The government has produced much legislation that is for the benefit of women (e.g., The Violence Against Women Act) and none for men. There are countless bureaus for women (e.g., The Office of Women’s Health, The National Women’s Business Council) and none for men. There are countless governmental websites for women (e.g. Women’s History Month, Women in Agriculture) and few for men. But because there are more male than female legislators, women claim that they are the ones being discriminated against and demand even more attention, preferential treatment, and aid. So entitled.

Most media run on advertising. Because women make most purchases, advertisers aim their ads at women. In order to attract more advertisers, media must also slant their content toward women. Most all media, e.g., television, newspapers, magazines, and the internet, are highly biased toward women. The media is so biased toward women that they would never dare to expose how entitled women are. Instead, because the CEOs, directors, writers, etc., of the media are mostly men, women and the media claim that the media is biased against women, and we must give women even more attention, preferential treatment, and aid. So entitled.

There is much research indicating that men are treated more harshly by our courts, just because they are men. One study indicated men are 165% more likely to be imprisoned than women for the same crimes. [3] Another found men serve about 60% longer prison sentences for the same crimes. [4] And let’s not forget the favoritism shown toward women in our family courts. So entitled.

More and more countries are adopting the Swedish Model concerning prostitution, which means putting johns in jail while providing aid for prostitutes. So entitled.

A major focus recently by college feminists has been on diversity, inclusion, and cultural pluralism, supposedly in an effort to promote respect, collaboration, coordination, communication, equity, and social justice. But if you notice how diversity and inclusion are applied in our universities, one group is usually not included in inclusion: men, or more specifically, white, heterosexual, cis men. One would think that since there are a third more women than men in our colleges, that men would be the focus of inclusion, but instead, we have countless women’s centers and diversity centers helping women. So, in reality, diversity and inclusion are just sneaky ways for our colleges to discriminate against men. So entitled.

Diversity and inclusion are similarly promoted in the business world. The justification for this is that diverse companies are supposedly much better performers than homogeneous companies. This is not true. It appears to be one of those lies promoted by faulty feminist research mentioned earlier. Rigorous studies show that the performance difference between diverse and homogeneous companies is minuscule. [5] And this diversity promotion, again, is just a way to discriminate against men. So entitled.

Social research [6] indicates that women show a strong in-group bias toward women, while men do NOT show an in-group bias for men. In this sense, women are very chauvinistic, while men are egalitarian. (We constantly hear how men are the chauvinists. Is this another feminist lie?) Perhaps therefore, women (e.g., legislators, authors, social scientists, charity executives, business executives, and feminists) focus so much of their attention on women. I wonder when women become the majority of legislators, or judges, or CEOs, directors, and writers that we can expect the current biases favoring women to increase substantially. So entitled.

Relationship guru John Gottman has said that the key factor for a successful relationship is for both partners to allow themselves to be influenced by their partners, i.e., people must consider their partner’s needs to be of primary importance in their lives. [7] Gottman asserts that most women do this while most men don’t. (Men bad, women good.) But, Gottman then contradicts this assertion by noting that women start 80% of marital conflicts. (Women also initiate 75% of divorces.) How can a woman start 80% of fights while at the same time allowing herself to be influenced by her partner? Besides, as I mentioned earlier, women control sex, and therefore, can wield this control to force husbands to give in to them if the husbands want to have sex. (Wives never have to sleep on the couch—husbands do.) I suspect that Gottman’s research is more feminist cow pooky. So entitled.

Requirements that men perform certain gentlemanly courtesies have diminished over the years, but even though some women consider these misogynous, many women still require that men perform such acts as: open doors, chauffeur her around town, pay her restaurant and bar bills, walk between her and the road, help her put on her coat, pull out her chair, stand when she enters the room, give up his coat, give up his seat on the bus, walk her to her door, cover her during shootings, etc. So entitled.

As David Solway has pointed out, women and feminists’ rail against men and the patriarchy while enjoying everything that men have done for society. “Every amenity they (women) enjoy, every labor-saving appliance, utensil, mechanism, and implement they take for granted, every technological innovation, scientific discovery, and medical advancement from which they benefit is almost entirely the gift of men that they refuse even to acknowledge.” [8] So entitled.

With feminist research biased against men, with the media biased against men, with the government biased against men, and with the courts biased against men, it is no wonder that we are all left with the perception that men are bad, and women are good. This “men bad, women good” attitude permeates society. Any positive attributes of men must be turned into negatives, and any negative attributes of women must be twisted into positives. For example, any forceful behavior is labeled as “aggression” in men, but “assertiveness” or “empowerment” in women. So entitled.

Along these lines it seems like everything men do nowadays is considered misogyny. It is getting ridiculous. A recent Peloton TV ad shows a husband giving his wife an exercise bike for Christmas. [9] This is considered misogynous. (Of course, no one complains about the hateful Peloton ad where Dad’s singing is so bad that it humiliates his son and the dog. [10]) Other examples of people or things recently associated with misogyny include: pop music, country music, opera, Beethoven, the song “Baby, It’s Cold Outside,” Bob Dylan, art, Picasso, Hamlet, Oscar Wilde, Philip Roth, Camille Paglia, poetry, movies, The Red Pill, Disney, James Bond, the Oscars, “Star Trek,” “Jeopardy,” diets, kitchens, Gordon Ramsey, Chris Pratt, football, climbing, math, logic, restrooms, dress codes, pants, no pockets, hatred of cats, the internet, Facebook, the Bible, the Quran, Aristotle, Schopenhauer, climate deniers, beauty, bras, tampon taxes, shaved underarms, women giving mixed signals, medicine, Hillary Clinton’s loss, mass shootings, capnolognia, greed, geography, Dilbert, Bugs Bunny, and words and phrases like “working mother,” “it was just a joke,” and “prostitute.” All of this supposed misogyny is just one more excuse so that we can give more help to and focus more on women. So entitled.

With all of this entitlement for women, it seems phylogeny (love of women) is really the dominate focus of society. After all, the media loves women. The government loves women. The judicial system loves women. Sex and biology love women. Feminism loves women. Research loves women. Universities love women. Athletics love women. Charities love women. Chivalry loves women. Women love women. And men love women. But it seems there is no love for men. Men bad, women good. Men are blamed for every problem. Masculinity is considered “toxic.” Even the American Psychological Association considers masculinity harmful. And the Song of the Year at this year’s Grammy Awards was “Bad Guy.” We are only allowed to demean and make fun of men. Nearly all the incompetents, jerks, inferiors, criminals, fools, buffoons, and contemptables in the media are men. Is it any wonder that 80% of suicides are men?

(Here is a fun fact. The word “philogyny” was in every dictionary I have looked at. But “philandry”—love of men—was in none of them. [It is on the internet.] I checked two large dictionaries at the library, each over 2000 pages. I even checked the library’s 1989 version of the 20 volume Oxford English Dictionary. No “philandry.” But they all had “philogyny.” It’s telling.)

Philogyny and misandry are far bigger problems than entitled men and misogyny. But because women are allowed to complain, and to appear to be victims, and men aren’t, we are completely upside down as to who is entitled, and who really needs attention. Counter to all the propaganda, the favored and entitled sex is female, and the hated and discriminated-against sex is male.

That men are entitled while women are victims is a huge hoax, scam, con, fraud, trick, fabrication, deception, swindle, canard, and ruse, which is even bigger than the combined scams of Bernie Madoff, Charles Ponzi, Victor Listig, Ivar Kreuger, Ivan Boesky, Charles Keating, Enron, Worldcom, the Piltdown Man, the Cardiff Giant, balloon boy, Clifford Irving, Nigerian royalty, crop circles, the jackalope, Rosie Ruiz, progesterex, psychic surgery, Report from Iron Mountain, yellowcake, Sabrina Rubin Erdely, Ocean’s 23, New Coke, Ashlee Simpson’s SNL lip-syncing, the Sokal affair, the blue waffle hoax, furry trout, and Deborah Ann Fountain’s padded swimsuit. And Milli Vanilli too.

We really ought to do something about that.

[1] Women in the all-female workspace, The Wing, got very upset when some female members brought in men as guests.


[3] “Are Female Felons Treated More Leniently by the Criminal Justice System?,” William Wilbanks. Justice Quarterly. Vol 3, No. 4. 1986. Page 519








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