NCFM Member ‘Kit Martin’ Indicted for Murder in Kentucky

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If you are familiar with this website and our work, you know that several years ago we were deeply involved in helping U.S. Army Major Christian (Kit) Martin overcome numerous false allegations which turned his life upside down and destroyed an otherwise stellar career as an Army Helicopter Group Commander.

In brief, Major Martin asked his abusive, unfaithful, pathologically lying wife for a divorce. In turn, she told him that she would destroy him. She did, with one devious ploy after another.

His ex-wife, Joan Adele Martin, aka Joan Adele Guerra, aka Joan Adele Harmon was, among other things, a bigamist and was never legally married to Major Martin. She was charged and convicted of bigamy in Christian County Kentucky. Consequently, Major Martin and Joan’s marriage was annulled.

Joan’s husband by marriage had no idea where she and their children were until defense investigators located him.

Calvin Phillips, Major Martin’s neighbor,was involved in an extra martial affair with Joan Adele Martin, aka Joan Adele Guerra, aka Joan Adele Harmon. On November 18, 2015 he was found shot dead in his house. And, his wife Pam and another neighbor, Ed Dansereau were murdered and found dead about a mile away in a burned-out car.

Local news media covering the story at the home filmed CID agents from nearby Fort Campbell at the scene. Why were they there? Calvin Phillips was scheduled to testify at Martin’s upcoming court martial on charges however this is one of many twists in this story.

Calvin Phillips was originally scheduled to testify for the prosecution; however, he was interviewed by two investigators from Martin’s defense team, two weeks prior to his death. At the conclusion of that interview, new information was developed that revealed that he would have ultimately provided testimony that would have debunked Joan Harmon’s incredulous pattern of multiple lies and fabrications. An audio recording of that interview was provided to Channel 4 News in Nashville and excerpts were published shortly after the murders.

Facts will ultimately come that will prove Kit Martin had absolutely no motive to want Calvin Phillips dead. In fact, Martin would have sent a limo to pick up Calvin Phillips to drive him to the Fort Campbell courthouse since Calvin Phillips’ testimony would have vindicated Martin.

Martin misdemeanor convictions, which are on appeal. Ten minutes before Martin’s court martial, disingenuous, if not corrupt Army prosecutors dropped all sexual misconduct allegations made by bigamist and habitual liar Joan Adele Martin, aka Joan Adele Guerra, aka Joan Adele Harmon

Why? Prosecutors dropped the charges to prevent her from being cross examined by Martin’s defense lawyers, in which case Joan Adele Martin, aka Joan Adele Guerra, aka Joan Adele Harmon’s load of fancifully malicious and self-serving lies would have been exposed thereby completely jeopardizing the prosecutors case. Simply put, the prosecutors had to save face.

There is much more to this case. Twists, turns, more background and facts we have not published in earlier articles,  even more salacious information about Joan Adele Martin, aka Joan Adele Guerra, aka Joan Adele Harmon and her various amorous and decietful adventures. However, Martin’s defense team has asked us not publish them until we see if Martin’s re arrest is purely a political ploy by Attorney General Andy Besheara.

Suspiciously and interestingly, A.G. Beshear is running in the Democratic primary election on May 21st for Governor. Perhaps Major Martin’s arrest was nothing more than tough on crime grandstanding after a stumbling-bumbling law enforcement investigation by local Keystone Cops. Our NCFM member retired law enforcement officials, attorneys and private investigators are speechless at the ineptness and incompetence of the local Christian County Sheriff’s Department.

NCFM has supported Major Kit Martin since he first reached out to us and we will continue to support him. Kit Martin is an American hero who left a lucrative civilian job to re-enter the military after 9/11, attaining the rank of Major and who was an accomplished Apache Helicopter Pilot who had several deployments to Iraq and overseas.

This whole tragedy and convoluted unraveling story began when Martin simply asked his convicted felon bigamist, and character disordered lying ex-wife, Joan Harmon, for a divorce. She vowed to ruin his life and began an unending series of fantastical lies and fabrications. Combined with a skewed and inept investigation by Army CID and countless examples of prosecutor misconduct by Fort Campbell JAG prosecutors, we have the perfect storm for another destructive tragedy.

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NCFM Member ‘Kit Martin’ Indicted for Murder in Kentucky