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September 22, 2020


As regular readers to NCFM know, we have been involved with and supporting Army Major Christian Richard ‘Kit’ Martin since early 2015.

NCFM has posted over a dozen articles and many others have as well that describe the seemingly endless stream of injustices that he has faced, as a result of merely asking a philandering, mentally imbalanced, vindictive, and lying ex-wife for a divorce.

Besides the injustices that he has experienced with the military justice system, he has been railroaded by the civilian justice system in Christian County Kentucky, and its inept and bumbling Keystone Kop sheriff’s department for a triple homicide.

There has been some recent news coming out of local Nashville news.

FOX 17 News Nashville reported on September 1, 2020 some startling facts and opined that the case against Kit Martin is crumbling.  Please go to the link of the Nashville FOX 17 News Report.

Local news is reporting that the murder case against Kit Martin is falling apart.  Martin was indicted by former Kentucky Attorney General and now Governor Andy Beshear on May 11, 2019, three and a half years after the murders.  Beshear announced the indictment of Martin citing no new evidence or reason for the indictment.

Suspiciously, miraculously, and coincidentally, Beshear made this announcement approximately two weeks before the primary election where he won the primary by a slim margin and went on to win the Office of Governor.

A simple Internet search will reveal that Kentucky Andy Beshear is no stranger to corruption.  His administration, as well as the administration of his father Steve, a former governor has been wracked with allegations of corruption and at least one person connected to one of his campaigns, has been convicted of corruption related charges.

According to the FOX 17 News report, the evidence against Martin is even less now, than it was at the time that he was indicted.  They report that all of the numerous items that were analyzed for DNA, that NONE of them came back to Martin.  Not only that but the news report states the DNA that is present actually EXONERATES Martin.

FOX 17 News Nashville also reports on a mysterious shell casing, NOT found during the original crime scene search, but allegedly found by a family member of the victims sometime later, and who failed a polygraph test, did not match what was found at the crime scene.  Where did this shell casing come from?  It seems likely based on what is being reported that the shell casing was planted.  By whom and for what reason?

So why exactly was Kit Martin indicted and what evidence do they actually have against him?  The news report claims that he was indicted on some ‘secret’ evidence which the prosecution has failed to disclose.

So, what is going on with the stumbling-bumbling Keystone Kop Christian County Sheriff’s Department?

And what about the indictment by Andy Beshear.  Some commentary on social media suggest that Beshear caused the indictment of Martin, about two weeks before the primary election to give him that little extra boost to win the primary.

There is a long history of disingenuous and corrupt prosecutors, in the past and now, of using the prosecution of innocent persons as political pawns in order to elevate their political careers.  Is Andy Beshear the newly disgraced Mike Nifong?  We think anyone with more than three functioning brain cells can see through the smoke and mirrors of that one.

Let’s not forget the unusual and strange connections between Kit Martin’s bigamist, illegitimate and convicted felon ex-wife, Joan Harmon Guerra, and members of the sheriff’s department.

It is a well-known and established fact, that at the time of the murders, Joan Harmon Guerra was living with a local truck driver, and social media self-proclaimed ‘bad ass’ by the name of William Stokes.  It just so happens that William Stokes’ brother is sheriff’s department Detective Sergeant Ed Stokes who was at one time, in charge of the investigation.

According to news reports and video from some of the court proceedings, the judge in this case, this case, John Atkins has issued some unexplained decisions.  This most recent broadcast stated that some of his unusual, and perhaps illegal decisions are now before the Kentucky Supreme Court?  Why has Judge Atkins denied bail with so little evidence?

WTF exactly is going on here.  Why, now that Kit Martin has been in custody in that squalid jail in Christian County, with even less evidence in the case than when he was indicted, is he still there after nearly 16 months?

Still, if all of these strange coincidences haven’t convinced anyone yet, there is another strange coincidence of former Kentucky State Police Detective Leonard Scott Smith who originally worked on the case as a member of the KY State Police.  Well low and behold, he no longer is a member of the KY State Police and is now a member of the Christian County Sheriff’s Department, who was promoted to Lieutenant and put in charge of this case.

Why was he brought in and put in charge of this investigation?  Could it be to hide or prevent the discovery of the involvement or complicity of law enforcement personnel or volunteer firefighters in the murders?  Are they trying to ‘set-up’ and falsely implicate others in these murders?  This case has so many twists, turns, examples of outrageous ineptitude, incompetence, and corruption that it would be comical if it weren’t so dangerous.

It is well beyond the time that federal authorities intervene in this case to connect the obvious dots in the railroading of Major Kit Martin.  It certainly seems like the local Nashville news media is uncovering and reporting facts that were not previously known.

In 2018 the FBI announced a joint public corruption task force to combat Kentucky public corruption,

We ask those who have knowledge of this grotesque example of the railroading of an innocent man for murder to reach out to this task force and tell them what you know.  We are aware that some of the local residents who know something are fearful of coming forward from the local good ole boys network, so this is an opportunity for your voice to be heard.


FBI Louisville

Louisville Press Office

(502) 263-6000

While we cannot confirm, there are rumors circulating around this small county that an unknown insider has begun to blow the whistle on this injustice.  Who is it and what do they know?

There certainly seems to be more to the story and with virtually no evidence, diminishing evidence and actual evidence that exonerates, why is Kit Martin still behind bars?

We think the local news media is on to something and we think we will all know the truth in short order…

NCFM Member Kit Martin, Local News Reports Case Against Him is Crumbling