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By Tim Patten

Not long ago, bright-eyed, 23-year old Zach Hing’s heart pounded as he elected to grow his sea-legs by inquiring into the modern counter-cultural revolution of swashbuckling men who lean in and sail a philosophical pirate ship towards self-determination. He tore down the feminist rigging, climbed the masthead, and stepped high into the male crow’s nest. He wielded his keyboard like a buccaneer, and hacked away at anti-male propaganda shackles of a society that has long treated men like third-class citizens – and much worse.

When Zach began uploading his “red-pill” videos, he attracted immediate attention, gaining a over 60 thousand online following in just a matter of weeks. His eye’s prickled with tears of gratitude. He spoke candidly about seemingly sacrosanct topics such as toxic feminism, the stereotyping of Asian men, and the realistic calls for a border wall. In communicating freely, openly, and espousing truth, he achieved what he’d previously only imagined, including—first and foremost—the liberation of his inner voice and the joy of expressing himself without censor.

In many ways, Zach represents the millions of young men with raised eyebrows yearning to discover who they are as men in a female-centric society and how to search for a quality life, and perhaps even love. These millions of men experience a purposeful shudder as candidates for a new type of symbolic and philosophical pirates who, like bandits, throw down the gauntlet, fire cannons, and voyage the seas, leaving the lowly land-lovers fears and inhibitions behind.

For too long now, young males have been wandering in frustration, fear and darkness, continuously berated as violent oppressors, woman-beaters, and rapists, without any regard for either male feelings or the men’s natural attention to things and not people. With few mentors, the divorce rates have skyrocketed, and now, one by one, they nod along as others speak. Together, they see a new light. With firm chins jutted forward, they join in a rebellion with Brothers everywhere, mentoring and rescuing comrades in arms from a fate that is both completely unjust and entirely undeserved; a disastrous marriage.


A Revolution’s Beginnings

Knowingly or not, Zach had been “red-pilled.”

But just as in the cult film, The Matrix, he’s awakened to the reality of a dangerous façade–one that continues to distract others who have not yet reached this point. His voice has joined with others, brothers and mentors, in a noble quest for equality, justice, and a healthy acceptance of their masculinity.

Others boarded the pirate ship later on, including an online poster delivering a daily dose of “red-pill” knowledge by the name of “Sandman.” Together, these brave buccaneers kept clearly and freely speaking out against feminist propaganda with their video cannons of word swords, slashing one openly biased, anti-male falsehood after another. Others began to watch and listen enthusiastically, won over to the cause by repeated salvos of honesty, straight-talk, and brotherly support. Over time, millions were soon swimming with a tide that could not be stopped.

Soon dubbed “Men Going Their Own Way” (MGTOW), this collective search for truth in this world’s remotest nooks, eventually evolved into something more – a whole new way of thinking and a genuine free lifestyle choice. Finally, men were beginning to realize they did not need to succumb to the shaming and abuse that society was so prejudicially imposing on them, locked into a marriage. They decided in favor of self-determination, where they could choose, if it suited them, life outside the confines of oppressive relationships, and unconstrained by toxic femininity.

For many swashbucklers, this awakening brought on by MGTOW reflected an understanding of the evolutionarily-adapted traits which many women knowingly, willfully and aggressively use against men, and entirely for their advantage. They’ve co-opted our biological differences to the sole benefit of themselves and at the expense of men and their own families, willfully engaged in reprehensible behavior such as jealous tantrums, nagging, and regularly took advantage of the ruse of filing false accusations against males, no matter how much pain and suffering such spurious claims caused.


A Growing Phenomenon

In fact, the MGTOW pirate philosophies have been growing momentum in recent years, gaining adherents and recognition worldwide. “Come aboard the gangway young lads,” the MGTOW captain calls. “Sail the waters of male learning and understand female nature, steer the masts, baton down the shrouds, and avoid crashing into the shipwreck of divorce islands. Discover your treasure and live like Kings!”

Countless thousands of supporters have posted videos on YouTube as well as content on other sites that are drawing out bright, healthy ideas for all to see from the dark cracks of women who shame, Golddiggers, and the rabid social pressures.

Even major media outlets—long sympathetic to feminist propaganda–have begun to take note. For example, in late 2018, a segment on the CNN show, This Is Life with Lisa Ling, featured an interview with MGTOW proponents Big John and Jerry Liu. Some criticized the show, maintaining it was only broadcast to attract eyeballs. However, many felt that MGTOW was fairly presented as a legitimate group of men fighting against discrimination by a biased legal system and society.


Set Sail for Full Mainstream

“Ahoy, my mates,” the captain called. “The tide is high and flooding the bay, prepare the galleon, tomorrow we set sail under the black flag of piracy independence. The headwinds are stirring. We’ll hoist the anchor, cut free the lines, and point the bow north by northeast. Set a course for treasure and navigate onward for the voyage of our lives and liberty.”

For those of you who have not yet signed on, it is time to pull your shoulders back. Straighten your spine, take a deep breath, then seize the moment and live your life’s purpose.

In some cases, this may mean emulating Zach Hing, who took a year off for silence and reflection, and then decided to devote his life to a Christian lifestyle. Now his feet are widely planted on stable ground and have found a possible life-mate.  He now makes it clear that he is not a fanatical advocate of the MGTOW lifestyle, but continues to find real value in its mission and wisdom.

For others, it will be our proverbial moment of truth –when we live the life we deserve and are destined to live.

Either way, do not hesitate: Stand.

About the Author

This article appears in Mr. Patten’s newest book, The MGTOW is Forever. He has written other books for men that are available on Amazon.

NCFM Member Tim Patten, MGTOW Scoundrels