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The US Military’s politically correct sacrificial road to hell for honorable men, the black hole way.

The Black Hole of Military Injustice Castigates Innocent Men

It is with difficulty that I set my fingers to the keyboard to write what must be said. This issue is painful to consider, but tragically real none-the-less. Another man sets incarcerated in a prison, not as a result of justice served, but rather as a result of injustice carried out by a witch-hunt that’s driven by a vile, misandrist agenda. And as if that were not painful enough, the rabid barbarity of that insanely savage, misandrist agenda drives on the unjust juggernaut, imprisoning another man, then another, and another – with no end in sight.

Recently at a gathering of group of friends, I handed postcards to people, along with an article about this issue written NCFM and Save Our Heroes Adviser Michael Conzachi. I asked people to write to the name and address of the wrongly convicted man given in the article and send a few kind words to a man who must sorely need it as he languishes in his cage.

As these innocent men rot behind prison bars, their tomorrows come to them not as a blessing of life in a free country, but rather as a curse brought the them by a vile and hellish misandrist agenda that’s intent on the rabid persecution of anyone male.

How did things get to such a deplorable place in a country (America) that formerly prided itself on principles of truth, fairness, and justice?

Shell shocked by the cruelty of the Stalinist tyranny I see arrayed against falsely accused and wrongly convicted men, I perceive how those falsely accused and wrongly convicted men must feel under that crushing weight. It’s apparent they surely would appreciate a kind word in their defense and a word, or a prayer, of hope for a better outcome.

“You are not forgotten,” I wrote on a postcard. “You will not be left behind.” As I dropped it in the U.S. mail slot, I felt a little better, but should I? What real hope is there for justice for the falsely accused and the wrongly convicted? These days under a powerfully rabid feminist agenda that strongly influences policy and law there appears to be little, but I cannot turn a blind eye to the wrong doings and neither should you. Please, at a minimum, write to our falsely accused and/or wrongly convicted men who are wasting away behind a daily injustice of cruel prison bars. A postcard will do. A letter is even better. Offer them a kind word.

Write to:

save-our-heroes-mario-jeffersinnocent menMario Jeffers #95098
830 Sabalu Road
Fort Leavenworth, KS 66027




wrongfully convictedErik J. Burris
PO Box 452136
San Diego, CA 92145-2136


And if you can screw up your courage to the sticking point, write a letter to the people in power who really do know about the outrageous injustices that are going on and courteously asked them to stop it. A courteous letter, or a copy of your correspondence, to your elected representatives would also be appropriate. Courtesy correspondence is appropriate to those overseeing these injustices, not because it’s deserved, but to show we will in no way stoop to the level of inhumanity that’s present in the misandrist injustices to which these innocent men have been wrongly subjected.

Lieutenant General Flora D. Darpino
Commanding Officer
Office of the Judge Advocate General
2200 Army Pentagon
Washington DC 20310-2200

Lastly, consider joining Save Our Heroes. Please, help us save the lives of more innocent men and those that love them.

NCFM NOTE: Unfortunately, including Major Kit Martins continuing epic battle to keep the Army and civilian authorities at bay, there are many more honorable men sacrificed at the alter of political correctness. Stay tuned for more cases. Save Our Heroes is in the process of vetting over 20 more such travesties with even more to follow…

national coalition for men

How many thousands of innocent men have to suffer for no reason other than they are men accused by women, even when everyone involved knows the women are lying?

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