NCFM sends letter to Procter and Gamble re their toxic masculinity ad campaign

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We sent a letter to the President of Procter and Gamble and their Board of Directors concerning their new advertising campaign, which you can read here, Letter to Procter and Gamble.

It appears that Pankaj Bhalla, Gillette brand director for North America fell prey to political correctness and its plethora of misinformation. He seems to believe that male behavior is toxic and needs improvement with no corresponding improvement in female behavior. Typical. Shame and blame males.

There is no such thing as toxic masculinity. It’s a fabrication, a falsehood, an ideologically contrived lie. Regardless, there is always a counterbalance. So, if Bhalla is correct, which he isn’t, there would have to be toxic femininity, which would arguably be as bad or worse than the fabricated toxic masculinity.

As any reader of this site knows sexual assault, bullying and other forms of bad behavior are not gender specific. Nor does it matter which gender does more harm to another since the majority of destructive behaviors are fairly distributed between the sexes, however they are defined.

It’s easy to blame the males. The politically correct live for male bashing in any form. The PC’s need to shame and blame to project and deflect their hypocritical diatribes and intolerance.

One would think that a major corporation would be immune from male bashing in any form, especially since so much of its business is male dependent. Here, for whatever reasons, Mr. Bhalla and his focus groups decided to leap off the capitalistic cliff into cold ideological water. Thus far, as of today, P&G stock lost a dollar since “We Believe.”

We urge you to boycott Procter and Gamble, all their products (list of products here). I have to park my Swiffer and find another shampoo.

Moreover, Gregory Josefchuk, NCFMCarolinas Chapter President, started #BoycottGillette, which has reached over 150,000 concerned P&G customers.

Another NCFM member plans to create tens of thousands of sticky labels of various sizes to put on products, store shelves and the storefronts. Labels like THIS PRODUCT IS HARMFUL TO MEN & BOYS, HARMFUL / POISONOUS TO MEN & BOYS, THIS STORE DENIGRATES AND DISRESPECTS MEN & BOYS.

Please do something. Write a letter to Procter and Gamble’s President, stoke #BoycottGillette, print some of your own Proctor and Gamble disrespects the men you love don’t buy this sticky label and affix a few on P&G products the next time you go shopping. Moreover, please don’t buy any P&G products. Refer to the list above so you know what not to buy.

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NCFM sends letter to Procter and Gamble re their toxic masculinity ad campaign