NCFM Update: Mariposa Rancher Jerry Cox takes steps in holding false rape accuser Ashley Harris Accountable – Files Lawsuit

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Ashley Harris after being served holding the documents


There have been a number of developments in the false rape and land grab (receivership) cases involving Mariposa County rancher Jerry Cox.

In receivership, a receiver takes custody of property after a court appoints a receiver. The receiver’s job, in this case, Mark Adams and the California Receivership Group (CRG) is to oversee Jerry’s property and bring it into compliance with county codes.

The County alleged over 100 code violations on Jerry’s ranch, most of which appear to be trivial, false, exaggerated, contrived and politically motivated.

There have been a number of court hearings regarding code violations and related repairs. The court knows there are no significant violations and the property is in sufficient compliance.

Jerry, not CRG, secured repair estimates, both of which were tens of thousands of dollars less than Adams guestimates. Jerry, not CRG, found the contractors. Jerry, not CRG did what Adams was supposed to do.

Yet, Adams submitted over $500,000 in bills to the court. The receivership appears to be a total fraud and injustice.
We are still sorting things out but it appears the catalyst for this landgrab were Ashley Harris’s false allegations of sexual assualt by Jerry.

Mariposa County recieverhip case legal documents by the law firm Silver & Wright include derrogatory references about Jerry’s arrest for sexual assault, which has, and had absolutely nothing to do with whether Jerry’s ranch was in code compliance.

Obviously, if Harris had not falsely accussed Jerry, there would be no related defamatory references in legal documents or related influence on the Court. Moreover, Jerry would not have been falsely imprisoned, not had to pay $50,000 to a bondsman for a $500,000 bail bond from a Bail Bond company apparently owned by Supervisor Long, and he would have had sufficient resources to defend himself from efforts to drive him into recievership, out of the County and inevitablely into bankruptcy. Jerry is now homeless.

Silver & Wright LLP (Irvine, Inland Empire, Sacramento, Bay Area, California) is a major player in this drama and just as morally corrupt as CRG. The Institute of Justice this year filed a class action lawsuit against them for for-profit prosecution schemes. In September, Governor Brown signed into law Assembly Bill 2495, a law prohibiting cities from charging residents the cost of legal services used to prosecute them. Why? Because citizens in various states of distress, including having dementia, were driven from their properties in receivership cases after being billed tens of thousands of dollars in attorney fees by unrestrained hired gun firms like Silver & Wright and receivership firms like CRG. Which brings us back to Ashley Harris.

Seldom are women who make false sexual assault allegations held accountable for their actions, regardless of the devastation caused. District Attorneys simply do not like prosecuting women for committing perjury, filing false police reports or other such things. Consequently, such women are unchecked and left free to roam doing harm to others without fear of suffering legal consequences.

This also strains taxpayers who pay the costs of investigations including prosecutors, investigators, forensic and evidence technicians, medical personnel and associated clerical personnel. This is also a violation of the California False Claims Act, yet not one false rape accuser has ever been held to account for the vast waste of taxpayer resources.

We think that should stop. Jerry and NCFM believe women like Harris should be held accountable. Jerry is suing her. It took a while to locate Harris and serve her with papers about the lawsuit. Once found, San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Department attempted to serve her but she told them she had a protective order against Jerry. Not true. Regardless, on Saturday, October 20, 2018, a friend of Jerry served Ashley. She filed a response.

Although an ever-increasing mountain of evidence shows Harris filed false allegations against Jerry, Mariposa County refuses to charge her with related crimes and prosecute her. Disgusting. We hope Jerry’s lawsuit against Harris will encourage the County to reconsider.

NCFM hopes this effort encourages others to challenge false accusers when prosecutors refuse to do so. If we can start a movement in that direction, in a few years prosecutors will feel the pressure and start holding false accusers accountable. They should not be free to abuse at will whenever it suits them.

If you want more background simply us our search bar above and type in “Jerry Cox.”

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NCFM Update: Mariposa Rancher Jerry Cox takes steps in holding false rape accuser Ashley Harris Accountable – Files Lawsuit