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new yearThe National Coalition For Men Board of Directors and I wish you a very happy New Year!

…though to be clear, “National” is somewhat of a misnomer since we are involved in activities in several countries.

This New Year, 2017, brings NCFM to its 40th anniversary. To our knowledge NCFM is the oldest organization of its type on the planet, perhaps the only one actually. Moreover, if you have received this New Year’s letter you are somehow associated with us, either a dues paying member, donor, adviser, award winner or someone interested in our activities and issues.

Regardless of how you came to receive this letter or where you are, we cannot express enough thanks for your association with NCFM. Over the years, your efforts have moved our movement closer to public and political acceptance as exemplified by current events, especially the last elections.

We are deeply moved by all of our supporters and donors. Our NCFM Freedom Endowment, American Endowment Foundation, Woodward Fund, is growing and it will someday provide residuals that assure NCFM’s continuation. We will never be able to thank the Woodward family or our other donors sufficiently for their generosity. Without all of you we would never have made it 40 years.

NCFM is a launching pad for other organizations, as some of you know, especially if you work with one of those organizations, as applicable. We are happy to help.

This year has brought success and failure. Here are a few examples that:

  • For those of you who sent us material for our men’s journal Transitions, my apologies. We have too many long articles to publish in one edition and we are struggling with the software.
  • Also, thank all of you who have contributed article to our website and material to our Facebook page that now has over 41,000 “Likes.” We have had posts reaching over 70,000 people. We also average over 1,500 unique hits a day on our website. Since NCFM is primarily and education 501(c) (3) nonprofit we think that is exceptionally good considering our resources.
  • We are ecstatic that we helped Kit (Major) Martin avoid a lengthy prison term, yet saddened that the military promoted and not sanctioned those who persecuted him choosing instead to standby false accusations and undue command influence (see articles at
  • We are extremely happy to have helped Save Our Heroes get established. SOH is fantastic organization for, and by active and Veteran military members falsely accused of something, usually involving alleged sexual assault.
  • SOH is similar to our NCFM Carolinas chapter committed to ending Orwellian practices on post-secondary campuses destroying young men falsely accused, usually involving alleged sexual assault. The chapter staged a successful educational public forum and next year will be expanding it to include falsely accused military members. We are working to encourage the new administration to expedite proper reforms.
  • Progress is slow revitalizing, moving, and expanding our website but it is happening. This time next year, we should have a new website with one very exciting addition found nowhere else on the planet. Special thanks to those at ProWebMarketing for taking on this task.
  • The lower court again ruled NCFM had no standing in our lawsuit against the Selective Service System for their refusal to require women to register. The case was ordered transferred from California to Texas since our plaintiff does have standing and lives in Texas. We are considering options. It is interesting the media does not mention NCFM, even though we caused the political and public discussion surrounding whether women should register.
  • Many of those featured in The Red Pill the Movie, Down the Rabbit Hole, are members of NCFM, including a few of our Board Members. Cassie Jaye’s controversial documentary is an awakening for many who had no idea that men are discriminated against in horrific ways. NCFM VP Marc Angelucci arranged for the first international showing in Tijuana. NCFM Chapter President Tim Goldich showed the film to over 100 attendees this week in Chicago. One of our new members in Wisconsin arranged for two showings. Our members helped with showings in Berkeley and one scheduled in Sacramento. Our Liaison in South Africa is interested in showing the film too. Moreover, we will be showing the documentary in San Diego and elsewhere.
  • NCFM Member Naomi Evans has begun the fourth year of working toward paternity fraud reform legislation in the state of Washington and we will again help as much as we can to get this done.
  • We will be meeting in San Diego next September for a national board meeting and celebration of our 40th If you would like to attend or have suggestions about the celebration please let us know.
  • Additionally, last but never forgotten, we help hundreds of people every year that contact us for information and help, always free of charge.

Thank you again, especially to those of you who give so much of yourselves. It is truly a pleasure that you allow me to take part with you in helping make the world a better place for all of us.

May 2017 bring you the best of everything.


Harry Crouch, President

national coalition for men

Happy New Year!

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