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As you all know, Marc Angelucci was murdered a short time ago by a demented person who also killed one other person, wounded another, then killed himself. We’ve lost such a dedicated and hard-working MRA which makes me feel that we must redouble all of our efforts just to make up for this terrible loss.

Let’s honor him by following in his footsteps and continue the progress of equal rights for all, in particular the fight against male genital mutilation (MGM), aka circumcision.

He was one of the original Bloodstained Men, was on the board of Attorneys for the Rights of the Child, and fought against infant genital cutting on many different fronts.

Recently I got an email about Intaction‘s new initiative called Intact PAC and immediately gave $50. Losing Marc makes it imperative that we all step up our game in this quest for equal human rights, and frankly, stopping MGM is a no-brainer and the lowest hanging fruit.

Some of you – even some MRAs – may not agree with the banning of routine circumcision of babies, but the whole point is  IT’S NOT YOUR PENIS.

Reducing or eliminating circumcision will:

  • save lives
  • retain men’s normal sexual function and pleasure
  • retain normal sexual pleasure of mens’ partners
  • eliminate trauma, pain, and disfigurement of normal, healthy babies

Honor Marc by being better, doing better, and winning. Here are some ideas;

  • donate to AVFM, NCFM, ARCLAW, Bloodstained Men, Intaction, Intact PAC, Intact America, etc.
  • write letters to the editor, call radio stations, write articles and op-eds
  • speak out about infant genital cutting (including inter-sexed babies) in your own YouTube videos
  • Protest with The Bloodstained Men or on your own with signs out in public and record it for YouTube
  • research circumcision and express to family and friends what you know and believe about circumcision

Make Marc proud by continuing his legacy of activism to promote the rights of all.

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Author: Gary Costanza
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