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I’m so so sick of hearing about this fictional wage gap. People, including some MRA’s have this wage thing wrong. Its not about the earning of money, but the SPENDING.

Money has no power whatsoever, until it is being handed over at the cash register… so the spending of money is a privilege. To earn the money is a LIABILITY!

Women do most of the spending, not just groceries, but clothes, cars … everything. They are the privileged ones! The people who are doing the earning (and not spending), are the exploited ones.

Lets reverse it, and imagine how it would be presented to us. The feminists would be saying that the working women are exploited. They’d say we women are pushed out the door at 6am by our lazy husbands, only to return 11 hrs later exhausted.

“We women work ourselves to death, only to hand the money over to our lazy husbands, and they go off and spend it as they see fit, and complain about driving the kids to soccer. We women are literally dying out there in accidents, we do the sewerage, we dangle from helicopters to save people, we run into burning buildings, we pull glowing pieces of steel from huge furnaces, we go underground to mine coal, and sometimes get trapped down there…and why?…. all to provide for our lazy husband and the kids. We work, and die …. they spend and live.


“And on top of it…not only do those lazy stay at home men show no gratitude for the sacrifice we women make, they have the gaul to complain (from their dressing gowns and slippers), that we women are earning too much! ….. bla bla bla.. ITS FEMOCIDE!


Ok, back to the normal world…

Another way of looking at it is;  if women are so economically downtrodden, then where do we see it? Do they drive cheaper cars? Wear threadbare clothes? Go to cheaper holiday destinations? Does your mother have a lower standard of living than your father? Does your sister live poorer than your bothers?

No one asks men what its like to live in bonded servitude, but that’s exactly what it is. And there are so many men out their being economically exploited, but it has been twisted around to make those poor exploited men appear like selfish rogues.

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Author: Marcus Holden
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