We’ll be gathering links to various resources that might prove useful to guys who want information on the men’s rights movement (MRM), men going there own way (MGTOW) and more. (for more info – click the link under their photos)

B.C. Men’s Resource Centre

#328-237 Keefer Street Vancouver BC V6A 1X6 Canada Website: BC Men’s Resource Centre
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The B.C. Men’s Resource Centre is a privately funded organization established to promote the equality of men, women and children in society through education and the development of positive outcomes in times of family crisis.

We are actively involved in ensuring balance in all matters relating to men and advocate political change in areas of bias and inequality. We hold the belief that fathers are essential in their children’s lives. All efforts are made to enhance, support and protect this relationship.

We offer individual, couple and family counselling (sliding scale fee)(for more information, contact us at http://www.men@vcn.bc.ca), a variety of support groups, and in addition, have a comprehensive library including books, articles, tapes and videos on a variety of men’s issues.

Our groups are designed to reduce stress in men’s lives through understanding and positive decision-making processes. We promote personal responsibility and accountability of self.

Categories: Advocacy, Domestic Violence