We’ll be gathering links to various resources that might prove useful to guys who want information on the men’s rights movement (MRM), men going there own way (MGTOW) and more. (for more info – click the link under their photos)

International Men’s Day

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The Dads4Kids Fatherhood Foundation is an Australian Harm Prevention Charity. Formed in 2002, we aim to help turn the tide of fatherlessness as well as resource and encourage fathers. The mission of the Fatherhood Foundation is to improve the well-being of children by increasing the proportion of children growing up with involved, responsible, committed and loving fathers.
Manhood is the foundation for fatherhood. Good men make good fathers. Children and families are the benefactors. The Fatherhood Foundation has networked with other fatherhood and men’s organisations to promote a positive view of masculinity and encourage family-friendly policies to support men.
Dads4Kids Fatherhood Foundation is honoured to work with the founder of International Men’s Day, Dr Jerome Teelucksingh, as well as family-friendly men and fatherhood groups all over the world. Together, we promote a unified celebration of manhood and the positive contribution that men make to society.

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