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Dr Tara J. Palmatier provides confidential, fee-for-service, individual consultation/coaching via telephone and/or Skype to both men and women. Dr Tara works with both men and women who have been in relationships with abusive and potentially personality disordered women. She also works with friends and family members who have suffered collateral damage and loss as a result of a loved one becoming involved with a controlling, abusive partner.

Dr Tara’s practice combines practical advice, problem-solving, support, reality testing and goal-oriented outcomes.


The first Shrink4Men was published by Dr Tara J. Palmatier, PsyD on January 12, 2009. Dr Palmatier began Shrink4Men because she recognized that men who are in abusive relationships in which the perpetrator is a woman do not have the same support resources as their female counterparts.

Dr Tara holds a PsyD in Clinical Psychology and an MSc in Counseling Psychology. She has over 15 years of experience delivering direct services to diverse populations in a variety of settings. Dr Tara completed and successfully defended her doctoral dissertation, Ce ci n’est pas une these: An applied psychoanalysis of Rene Magritte, in 2004. It examines unresolved childhood bereavement, the effects of a mentally ill mother and creative outcomes in an adult artist. She continues to have an interest in psychology and the arts.

Dr Tara currently publishes the Shrink4Men website, blog and forum. She specializes in helping men who are trying to end relationships or seeking coping strategies for dealing with their abusive wives, girlfriends or exes, many of whom have been diagnosed with personality disorder or whom they suspect have personality disorders or traits.


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