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Rosie Batty

The queen of gender bigotry in Australia is sickened.

The woman who has repeatedly denigrated, admonished, condemned and blamed men for all violence perpetrated upon children and women in this country is disgusted.

The callously, cold creature who stood upon her powerful platform and told male victims who had experienced physical and emotional abuse at the hands of a female partner that their experience of violence does not rise to the same level as a woman’s, is angry.

The feminist female who chose to lay the blame for the death of her son at the feet of the patriarchy and all Australian men who wallow in their toxic masculinity even though it was her decision to choose the man who killed her son as her partner and then welcome him back into her bed after a separation due to his unpredictable behavior and mental issues.

Rosie Batty is beneath contempt. She is a liar. She is a deceitful, manipulative, power-drunk gender bigot.

I wonder how this woman places her head upon her pillow and sleeps each night.

The air has felt a little fresher and the sunshine a tad warmer and brighter since this sick woman gradually became yesterday’s news. Oh, there is still the occasional quote or comment but nothing to compare to the almost daily sanctification of this hate-filled “Australian of the Year” a few short years ago.

The barrage was relentless and she used her power to do what many women have done throughout the ages. She played the victim and demanded the men in government prove how much they cared about her and all women who live under the potential threat of being harmed by the men who are closest to their hearts.

And just as every male dominated government has done for decades, they threw hundreds of millions of dollars into the feminist run coffers of various domestic violence organizations.

And now this demonstrably deceitful piece of work is sickened.


Former Australian of the Year Rosie Batty has slammed the awarding of an Australia Day honour to controversial commentator Bettina Arndt.

Ms Arndt, 70, was appointed a Member of the Order of Australia for striving to achieve ‘gender equity through advocacy for men’.

Ms Batty said her immediate reaction was ‘one of utter incredulity’ and she felt ‘sickened’ by the announcement.

It makes me question the legitimacy of the awards system in the entirety across the spectrum,’ Ms Batty told 

‘I cannot help but be appalled that someone who minimised violence towards women, who is part of the inevitable pushback and backlash that we all experience as we pioneer a way forward, would be awarded,’ Ms Batty said of the appointment. 

Batty believes using accurate statistics and expressing concern for male victims of family violence is an act of minimizing violence towards women.

Look at the way the story is framed in the headline. Bettina is hung, drawn and quartered before you have read the opening paragraph.

‘I feel sickened’: Rosie Batty slams decision to give an Australia Day award to controversial commentator Bettina Arndt after her shocking claims of a ‘fake rape crisis’

 Today is Australia Day and one of the traditions of the occasion is to award people who have served the community or worked to help others in some capacity as a form of recognition for their good works.

The panel responsible for selecting worthy recipients did the unthinkable. They chose to recognize Bettina Arndt for her efforts in seeking gender equity for men.

This is entirely unacceptable. This is outrageous. This is a heinous decision.

How has the press reported Rosie’s angst?

Predictably, instead of focusing on the issue at hand, ie. whether or not Arndt’s assertion that there is no rape crisis on our university campuses is a valid one, they attempt to smear her. It is an age-old tactic used by feminists and other rabid zealots who belong to ideologically driven tribes. Do not deal in facts or provide evidence to support your claims. Attack the character of the person who is opposing you. Demolish their reputation and then there is no need to do anything as low brow as actually engage with them and refute their claims in a discussion or debate. You simply rev up the haters to do what they do best.

I am not going to spend any time writing about the smear. I know nothing about it and don’t care for it has zero relevance to the issue at hand. It is a pathetic diversion.

Batty knows she has the media and Twittersphere on her side. She knows she is giving them the green light to start a rabid attack on Bettina Arndt. I am no longer on Face Book and was never a user of twitter, but I predict there will be a campaign demanding Bettina Arndt has her Order of Australia award taken from her on the grounds she is a pedophile defender and supporter of the rape and violent abuse of women.

Perhaps the pressure of the mob will succeed. Time will tell.

When Sherele Moody is speaking out in solidarity with you on any issue, you know you are on the wrong side of history. She is most recently known for her comment about male firefighters being most likely to go home from a day fighting fires and bash their wives.

‘Nothing says “gender equity” like a powerful woman with a platform laughing with a repeat male child rapist about his young female victim using her sexuality to trick him into abuse, right?’ she wrote on Twitter.

Batty’s constant pushing of the notion that disrespect and lack of representation of women in parliament (gender equity) is directly linked to violence against women is another outrageous, unsubstantiated lie. This furphy was brutally exposed by Senator David Leyonhjelm in this exchange.

She seems to be using domestic violence as a trojan horse to champion many other feminist causes much as our Climate Change hero Greta Thunberg adds the dismantling of the patriarchy and destruction of capitalism to her to do list alongside fighting the climate which will end our world in a few short years.

Batty would never dare to have a face to face confrontation with Arndt to debate the relative merits of their views. She knows she would be eviscerated. So, this woman who specializes in demonizing an entire gender and refusing to acknowledge male victims of family violence in any meaningful, empathic way continues to speak from her distant pulpit, safely hurling mud with zero chance of her target having any opportunity to confront her or push back.

Like Greta Thunberg, she is always surrounded by minders and protected from having her bigoted stance questioned or probed. On the rare occasions where she has been caught out and had to think for herself, she has looked like a rabbit in the spotlight, just as Greta does whenever she has to go off script and think for herself.

Like Greta, Batty is simply a pawn, a figurehead used by more powerful people who pull their strings behind the curtain.

They fit the bill so beautifully.

If you dare to attack or even mildly criticize or question Greta, you are branded an abuser of a vulnerable child. She can spew her vitriolic nonsense unimpeded and without having to defend her views.

It has always been the same with Batty. Anyone who questions her very gender specific empathy and compassion is reminded that she is a mother whose son was murdered and therefore untouchable and absolutely not to be questioned.

The media and government then step in and an avalanche of abuse is spewed in the direction of the one who dared to question the sanctified one. Mark Latham was the last person brave enough (or stupid enough) to criticize Batty and he felt the full fury of her comrades. John Setka was another who used Rosie’s name in vain and paid for it.

Fawn over her and bow at her feet whenever she speaks but do not raise so much as an eyebrow in her presence unless you are prepared to face a most vicious, uncompromising backlash.

What has always genuinely appalled me most about Batty is the fact that most people who endure a horrific loss of any kind usually become deeply connected to anyone who has endured a similar experience.

War vets tend to talk about their experiences with other war vets and no-one else. Amputees are put in touch with other amputees so they can share their stories, offer support and provide some hope to those who are just beginning their journey in an at time frightening new world.

When a parent experiences the unimaginable nightmare of losing a child there are groups created for them. These groups consist of other parents who have lost a child and share the grief unique to the people unfortunate enough to have had to live through this hell.

Can you imagine a person who lost a limb or endured some other disability or severe illness deciding they wish to dedicate their life to finding a solution/cure for this disease, but only for victims who share their gender?

It is unimaginable.

Yet this is exactly what Batty has done.

She has made it clear that her compassion and concern is for women and children who are victims of male violence. Children who are murdered, tortured or emotionally abused by their mothers are never mentioned by this woman. Never. Men who are murdered or abused by women are dismissed as an almost irrelevant minority as rare as unicorns.

Can you imagine parents campaigning to end male suicide and only male suicide because their son killed himself? Can you imagine those parents dismissing the concerns of families whose daughters killed themselves because they are in the minority?

Can you begin to imagine the reaction if these parents were brought face to face with parents who have lost a daughter to suicide yet still refused to consider their loss as a part of the problem that needs to be addressed?

Can you imagine an annual vigil in Federation Square for male suicide victims, with not one female name read out or acknowledged?

Can you imagine these parents demanding that the government hand over hundreds of millions of dollars to organizations created specifically to find a way to end male suicide?

You don’t need an imagination. All this and more has taken place in the sphere known as family violence.

When Batty’s candlelight vigil for victims of domestic violence takes place each year in Melbourne’s Federation Square, only the names of women and children are read out.

No reference is made to the multiple female perpetrators who have murdered children and men nor the many men who have died.

Below is a snapshot from NSW over a twelve-month period.

New data from the Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research reveals 38 people died as a result of domestic violence (DV) homicide in the year to March 2019, up from 19 in the previous 12 months.

Attorney-General Mark Speakman said the overall rate of murder in NSW was trending downwards, but the spike in DV-related homicides was alarming.

“Behind those numbers are real people,” he said.

“They’re mothers, daughters, sisters, wives, husbands, brothers, sons, fathers who’ve been the victims of domestic homicide.”

Women accounted for 15 of the total number of victims, up from 11 the previous year.

Seven of the victims were children who were killed by a parent, up from one victim in the previous year.

But there was a significant increase in male victims of DV homicide, with 14 men killed in 2018/19 compared with five in the previous year.

Only three men were killed by their partners, with the majority killed by an adult child, a parent, a housemate or their partner’s current or former partner.

So, 14 men were killed and 15 women in the twelve-month period in the state of New South Wales in 2019. Deep breath. Read that statistic and then try very hard to contemplate Rosie Batty’s very deliberate eradication of men as victims of family violence.

It is almost criminal.

Her words are on record and they are indefensible.

Bettina Arndt is a fiercely professional journalist who deals in cold facts and statistics.

She calls out bullshit when it is demonstrably false. She has courage. Anyone who chooses to advocate for the most despised demographic in our society has to be brave and thick skinned. Fortunately, Bettina is both.

Rosie Batty is a cold, manipulative gender bigot.

Nothing anyone says, no matter how enraged, threatening, unhinged, apoplectic, accusatory or hateful will change this fact.

I will find her behavior after the murder of her son utterly incomprehensible till the day I die. We all experience loss and tragedy in our lives. This can never be used as an excuse or a defense for promoting dangerous, harmful ideas (women never/rarely harm children or their partners) or enacting bigotry into law.

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