The Cyprus Rape Liar — What really happened?

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Gang Rape in Cyprus, read the headlines for weeks this past summer. A British woman (Freya Heath) had accused 12 Israeli boys of gang raping her in a hotel room in Cyprus.

Within a few days, however, Freya Heath had signed a confession to the police that she had lied to them. Although the boys had been arrested, they were released from jail, and, in a poetic comeuppance, Freya Heath was, instead, herself in jail awaiting trial for falsely accusing the boys.

The Western media exploded when, on January 2, 2020, the District Court in Cyprus convicted Freya Heath of falsely accusing the boys. Five days later, the District Court in Cypress ordered her sentenced to time served (about 30 days) and a fine of about $175.00 for the false accusations against the boys.

At this point, the Western media exploded with sensational stories about how she had been wrongly convicted, and, had actually been gang raped, but how the corrupt Cyprus Court [courts in Cyprus are usually more competent and honest than court is in the UK on sex matters] had entered a ridiculous finding of guilt on her part. Those “news” outlets published their “stories” only on basis of gossip in each others’ news articles, and a propaganda campaign by Freya Heath’s attorneys.

None of those British and western news sources stated anything that was close to the reality of what actually happened.

For example her attorneys started the rumor that she was not represented by an attorney. The Court correctly points out that she was represented by the British Consul General from the British embassy. As another example, her attorneys started the rumor that she had been “interrogated” for 9 hours. The police records show that they confronted the rape liar with a video proving the boys’ innocence, in a session that lasted about one hour and 45 minutes, and, that she signed a police confession, with the presence of the British Consul General, in a session that lasted about 15 minutes.

British and western news sources started fictionalizing what happened at the trial of Freya Heath. They started with false statements that Freya Heath’s attorneys made about the trial. Then they exaggerated those claims to the point of dishonesty, and, repeated each others’ exaggerated claims, over, and over, and over to Western audiences.

Only one news source, a reliable Greek news reporting service [and some Israeli news sources], reported anything accurately about the trial. Here is their article:

The article accurately cites from the Judge’s 70 page verdict, finding Freya Heath guilty of having lied to the police and falsely accusing the 12 innocent Israeli boys of rape.

The story that unfolds, based upon verified evidence under oath (as opposed to the hysteria and “fake news” in the Western media) is as follows:

Freya Heath had been having sex with men, including one of the Israeli boys who she considered her “boyfriend,” for at least two or three days before she had sexual relations with any of the other Israeli boys. The pathologist’s report shows that she had a substantial levels of cocaine in her blood. That blood test was done in the UK. The patholgist’s report also showed DNA from three men none of whom matched the DNA of the Israeli boys.

She invited a few of the boys to her hotel room, plied them with alcohol, including the underage boys, and then (apparently fueled by cocaine and alcohol) began sexually assaulting one of the boys. Her boyfriend was recording the sex with his phone. She told some of the boys to leave so she could continue “having sex” with the boy. At least half of the boys she accused had never even gone into her room. According to the video recording, she was in charge of everyone and ordering all of the boys what to do. Contrary to being “raped,” as she later claimed out of malice, she was on top of the boy(s) and performing sex on them.

The next day, she found out that her “boyfriend” had recorded her sexually assaulting the boys, so, to avoid charges of underage sexual assault, she went to the police and proactively accused the boys of “gang raping” her.

We should note that British women are encouraged by the UK government to make false accusations against men and boys. Women who make false accusations receive substantial awards in the UK, such as financial rewards, support services, notoriety if they choose, and immunity from accountability for sex crimes they may have perpetrated on the man or boy they falsely accused. The British government rarely prosecutes false accusers.

The result is that false accusations in the UK are soaring, and, convictions are plummeting.

The UK rewards and encourages women who falsely accuse men of rate. As a result, convictions of men, for rape, are plummeting as Courts, police and the public learn about the high rate of false accusations fueld by the media and politicians.

The convictions are plummeting because police and prosecutors are gaining much experience in detecting false accusations of rape, from the flood of false accusations encouraged and rewarded by British media and British politicians.

This is deeply ingrained in the UK from medieval times and the dark ages. UK culture is very similar to the Ku Klux Klan culture that lynched over 4,000 men in the United States during one of the US’s darkest periods. False accusations of rape or minor sexual conduct were used to justify lynching the men, just as the UK routinely uses the same excuses for persecuting men today. We can diagram the UK’s hysteria over rape and sex:

The UK is caught in an historical “rape hysteria.”

For an example, one woman in the UK falsely accused 15 men of rape before the authorities did anything to protect the men, and, stop her from making false accusations against men. Many of the innocent men served jail or prison time.


The British media is trying to force this same rape hysteria on other countries (including Cyprus).

To force this rape hysteria and lynching mentality on Cyprus, the British media made no effort to be rational, intelligent, sober or to act in the public interest by invoking responsible journalism.

In the case of the Cyprus rape liar, the British “sleaze media” rushed headlong into falsely reporting the facts of the case, defending the rape liar as if she were the British kingdom’s version of the Blessed Virgin Mary, demonizing the innocent Israeli boys with relentless anti-semitic and man-hating comments and editorials, criticizing the honorable Cyprus Court as incompetent, corrupt or “male dominated,” and largely making up fantastic (and fantastically false) stories about what really happened.

The real victims in this international charade are the 12 innocent Israeli boys who suffered jail time, until they were cleared, and an indelible smear on their reputations.

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