The Many Boons of Transmaxxing

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Author: Peter Wright

Editor’s note:  Male-to-female transitioners are not biologically women, except to the degree that hormone treatments duplicate aspects of the female body and associated experiences. Transwomen do however shine a light on feminist debates about gender privilege; ie. if males have all the privilege then why are so many males transitioning and feeling more empowered with the results? MtF’s accessing traditional female privileges is becoming deeply unsettling for feminists and their phony narratives about males holding all the power, and with the rise of a phenomenon called ‘transmaxxing’  that fear is likely to escalate further. – PW

Transmaxxing is a relatively new term referring to men who transition gender (MtF) in order to obtain benefits associated with being female – both social and legal. The phenomenon has been appearing for some years even before the term was coined, and while it has recently gained some interest in the incel community, its application is far broader than that.

The Urban Dictionary defines transmaxxing simply as, “Transitioning from male to female for personal gain.”

Based on this broad definition we will conclude the following:

1. that transmaxxing cannot be reduced to an incel activity, nor to a proclivity of gay men as some have proposed, nor to any other single demographic.

2. It never or rarely applies to cases of female-to-male transition which are considered to involve minimal gain.

3. Transmaxxing isn’t based on the clichéd explanation that the individual is “a female trapped inside a man’s body,” nor that he “has always felt like a woman.”

4. The only premise of transmaxxing is the undergoing of a technical transition for the sake of securing a range of benefits associated with female identification.

So lets look at some of those benefits.

Some recent online discussions have cited the following benefits belonging exclusively to the female sex, and also by legal extension to transmaxxers:



Transmaxxers don’t need to wear lipstick, put on a dress or engage in other performative gestures we might typically associate with transwomen, although they still may choose to do so to gain the full effect of being viewed as part of a superior caste. Further, transmaxxer identification doesnt even require a renunciation of traits referred to as masculine. All it requires is a technical change either on a legal paper, or in some countries by verbal statement, and all the boons of female privilege become available for the transmaxxer’s enjoyment.

While the change of gender may appear cynical or inauthentic, we can say that transmaxxers GENUINELY identify with an internal sense of privilege, esteem, status, deservingness, dignity, worth, purity, beauty and social value that we euphemistically call “feminine.” The degree to which a transmaxxer genuinely identifies with these “feminine” things, such femininity is integral to his sense of self.

I personally won’t be transmaxxing anytime soon, but I take some solace in the fact that feminist smugness is being rapidly undermined by this growing trend.

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