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ManWomanMyth (MWM) was a legendary British vlogger, who published very high-quality videos on his YouTube channel over many years until 2015, since when he hasn’t published any such material. His YouTube channel disappeared in 2015, but thanks to many people who’d downloaded his videos, we now have a playlist of 117 of his videos, here. His work was highly influential to MRAs globally, including myself. I doubt that I’d ever have become a full-time MRA without learning so much from his extraordinary body of work about feminism, gender issues etc.

At some point in 2014 he started a new video channel, “Humanity Bites”, and started posting videos in which he personally appeared for the first time. The channel disappeared at the same time as his main one, and over the past few years we’ve made many attempts to find the videos, including public appeals, with no success. Until today.

Whilst on YouTube today I searched using the term “Humanity Bites”, hoping for some new channels. Nothing. Then it occurred to me – I don’t know why – to leave the space out, and searched “HumanityBites”. Kerching! This led me to HumanityBites Mirror, a channel with two videos published by MWM in 2014 – Bring Back Our Girls (4:40) and On White Sprinters & Female CEOs (22:51), which are both featured below.

I appear a number of times in the second video. MWM drove from his home in London to my home in Bedford to interview me. At the end of the video the text states the interviews (Erin Pizzey and Steve Moxon in addition to myself) were recorded over 2011/12, although in the video he shows me as the leader of J4MB, which I launched in 2013. He must have stored the interviews of Erin, Steve, and myself, for two or three years before finalising the video. With the addition of these two items, our MWM channel now contains 119 videos.


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