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Gents and Ladies,

Welcome to the next iteration of the A Voice for Men website. We’ve had to grow and change over the past 10 years, both as an organization and as an online platform. Sometimes, as in recently, those changes have been challenging. Technical advances on the site that worked for us at one time have recently become burdensome and inefficient. So, we’ve basically rebuilt the site from the ground up.

One of the many tasks we’ve engaged in this process is the importing of AVFM’s massive library of articles. Due to technical constraints, this will be a somewhat manual process, one month at a time, covering the past 10 years. This is a necessary evil, so that AVFM can return to what it was always meant to be, a website for the average man, owned and operated by average men.

We’ll have to ask you to pardon our dust as we move ahead with the new construction. There will be some glitches on the site to resolve. We will endeavor to complete the construction at the least possible inconvenience to you. And we hope that you will enjoy the fresh new look and the smoother, faster operation that comes with a more agile platform.

Thanks for your patience and once again, welcome!

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Author: Paul Elam
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