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Australia: Mother Katie Perinovic brutally murdered her children last week

Do you hear it? Quiet now. Listen. Surely there is a gnashing of teeth and loud voices are shouting the names of the departed as they gather, candles held aloft, to pay tribute to the innocent victims of a woman’s violence?

Are they not condemning the actions of yet another woman whose rage or mood swings has led to the slaughter of society’s most precious and vulnerable commodity?


Open the newspaper. Has Clementine not been roused to take up her pen in righteous rage and wield it like a weapon as she eviscerates the culture which enables so many women to use violence as an answer to their problems?

Has Rosie wandered out onto her front porch to provide a comment on this latest atrocity?


Are there no marches or vigils planned in the coming days? Is our community coming together and speaking out with one united voice, asking when our children will be safe from the violent proclivities of their mothers?


I have noted the recent murders of children, men and women at the hands of females in recent weeks. I have also noted, not for the first time, the incredibly different tone our media uses when covering these horrific crimes.

We live in a lie.

I am tired of pretending there is any semblance of justice in our world.

Having witnessed the carnival of lies, hoaxes, censorship, propaganda, poisonous bigotry and rage which passes for politics in America and learning yet again that the truth is irrelevant when power is up for grabs, I turn to our own backyard and must acknowledge that things are no different down under.

I have made a conscious decision in recent weeks to pull back from the mainstream media. They lie and twist the truth on such a regular basis I will no longer watch the weather girl let alone their political commentary or coverage of violence in our community.

I will focus upon my beautiful wife, my children and grandchildren. I will read and listen to music. I will write. I will wander the streets when my prosthesis is ready and take photographs which please me.

I will breathe.

Talk with likeminded friends.

It is too hard to attempt to open the eyes of those who will not see. It is a hopeless task. Men and women simmering in a sickly stew of double standards and two-tiered justice. People are entirely ignorant about the utter contempt our society displays when the subject of men’s pain, mistreatment and injustice is politely and ever so quietly raised by the few brave enough or stupid enough to point it out and say:

“Don’t these people matter?”

“Why don’t we care?”

Yet another woman murdered her three children in Melbourne this week. She then took her own life. A few weeks prior to this shocking event a woman burned a young married couple and their baby alive.

Last year three women burned their husbands alive but no one in Australia appears to know about these murders. They all occurred before the horrific murder of three children and their mother by the husband who then took his own life.

That incident was covered in numerous articles. Many bemoaned the suggestion that this was in any way an act of a mentally ill person.

Annie Blatchford is tired of these excuses when men explode into a violent rage.

She writes:

Again, as is often the way, the story was framed as an individual’s battle with mental health rather than family violence.

Photographs of the victims were posted on an almost daily basis in all of our major newspapers and television hosts struggled to contain their breathless glee, aroused and excited by the fact that they had been handed another opportunity to defecate all over the men and boys of Australia.

Tom Meagher’s fiancée was brutally murdered by a man as she walked alone down a Melbourne Street late one night. He wrote:

“The monster myth perpetuates a comforting lack of self-awareness … we can only move past violence when we recognise how it is enabled; by attributing it to the mental illness of a singular human being, we ignore its prevalence, its root causes, and the self-examination required to end the cycle.”

Yet Tom does not seem concerned by the knee jerk response to female violence whether it is visited upon children or men. She (the killer) is immediately cast in the role of good woman overwhelmed. The woman in the preceding linked article who recently murdered five children before killing herself, used those very words to explain away her coldly calculated butchery. It wasn’t her fault. Her selfish husband gave her no choice.

Good woman stretched to her limits.

Good woman pushed over the edge.

I’ve no doubt the response by many when and if they heard about the three men burned alive by their female partners a year ago was to turn to their friends and wonder what those men had done to push their women to such extreme action.

Once again, we are confronted with the astounding double standards in our media’s reporting and our societal attitude to acts of violence by men as opposed to violence perpetrated by women.

The blanket of collective guilt is never thrown over all women. An individual woman commits a heinous crime and that is where it begins and ends, aside from a demand for more resources to support overwhelmed, mentally ill women.

When one man commits a crime, all men must pay the price. Always. We are abused and maligned from tv soap boxes, billboards, advertisements and by governments. We are told each one of us must take responsibility for the crime of one man.

Women nod in solemn, sisterly understanding. Men are the problem. Masculinity is a disease.

That is the unwritten law in Australia and every other western culture. We men bend over and take it more often than not.

I was out with a group of mates last week when a story broke. A mother and her three children found dead. The father is helping with enquiries.

I will be honest. My first response to such news these days is not to feel a wave of horror and then deep empathy and compassion for the murdered victims. It is usually a muttered expletive:

“Oh fuck me! Here we go again!”

It sounds selfish and callous. Perhaps it is, but I know who made me become that person. It is our filthy, manipulative, bigoted media which has simply been a tool of the left and feminists for years who carries responsibility for my blunted compassion.

I turned to a mate and said, “Brace yourself. This will be as much your responsibility as it is the bloke who did it.” He rolled his eyes and nodded in silent agreement.

One early article in the major newspaper, The Australian, went in early with their framing of the husband. They said he was removed in handcuffs (Utterly false) and that he was helping the police with their inquiries (usually coded language for confessing to the crime.)

The following morning revealed the truth. The mother, in fact, had killed her three children before killing herself. The father was inconsolable and almost mute with grief.

You could see the salivating mob, moist and rabid, ready to hit those keyboards and organize the street marches, order boxes of candles, contact the usual suspects for their venomous take on this latest example of male toxicity and entitlement, suddenly being made aware that a woman had in fact done the deed.

I would have paid good money to have been a fly on the wall of Clementine Ford’s hovel or Lisa Wilkinson’s office. Rosie would have been warming up the vocal cords and practicing her best pained and disgusted expressions in the bathroom mirror.

Alas. Another woman! Goddam! Silence is the best response.  Yes. Let’s put it behind us, bury this inconvenient truth as quickly as possible.

It was fascinating to watch the way in which the story was presented and see how quickly it vanished from our newspapers and television screens.

There have been multiple murders of children and husbands by women in the past few years here in Australia. Too many to count.

Think of all of the rabidly righteous feminists who rush out their front door in a frenzy of man hating rage to condemn an entire gender for the deeds of one, often unbalanced, mentally sick individual.

Oh, the poor, innocent children! They wring their hands and bow their heads. The poor innocent children. Butchered as if they were the property of the man, something he owned and felt entitled to take with him. So typical of a privileged, arrogant man.

How disgusting.

But they are sick, twisted individuals. Every one of them. What kind of person only expresses their pain and grief over the murder of children when it is carried out by a man? What kind of demented creep measures the worth of a child’s life by asking whether it was choked out, stabbed or burned alive by a person with male genitals?

What kind of demented individual has a very conditional sense of compassion?

I will tell you. Lisa Wilkinson. Rosie Batty. Clementine Ford.

There are many more, but these three damaged individuals lead the rage filled, poisonous mob.

An article did emerge a few days after this latest mother’s blood thirsty rampage.

This article purported to be a balanced analysis of filicide.

It was nothing of the sort.

It was simply another hit piece which further tainted and diminished men while excusing and explaining with great sensitivity why some women hack , stab, burn and beat their helpless children.

Bettina summed it up well with her headline.

Men are bad, women are mad.

A woman commits the heinous crime of filicide because she has lost her mind. She is no longer the person she was. In a sense, the mother is still innocent of the bloodshed. Something took over and replaced the kind, friendly, generous soul we all knew and she cannot be held to account. She needs our help. Our compassion and love is required, not hate and condemnation.

Men, on the other hand kill out of spite. Men are in control of their faculties and simply want to hurt their partner. Men are vindictive and evil. Men are monsters.The statistics may suggest mothers kill their children at around the same if not at a higher rate than men, but don’t be deceived. There is a chasm between the two modes of murder.

One is a cry for help or the action of an overwhelmed female, the other, the hideous, entitled, vicious brutality so frequently exhibited by angry men. Is there any other kind?

Women are never vindictive.

Women are never cruel.

Women don’t hold grudges.

Women don’t seek revenge.

Women are not violent.

Women are not spiteful.

I struggled to get through this disgusting attempt to somehow demonise men who kill their children whilst explaining away the same act by mothers. Here’s a taste of the excrement you will be forced to swallow should you choose to read it.

On social media, some commentators on this latest case involving Katie Perinovic have been quick to criticise what is perceived as more sympathetic media coverage of women who kill their children. And for some, the fact women and men commit filicide in roughly equal numbers suggests that family violence has no gender.

How dare anyone suggest family violence is a human problem!

She is blatantly inferring that women do not partake in family violence by writing in a quite disgusted tone that some commentators have dared to suggest that women can and do commit family violence. There is nothing misguided, misleading, inaccurate or deceptive about this statement, yet this woman takes issue with it.

Perhaps the three men who were burned alive by their wives did bloody well deserve it!

This bloke was definitely asking for it. It said he and his wife had been involved in a petty argument a short time before his wife set him alight.

Why was the article on filicide published at this particular time?

Clearly, the feminist lobby is fully aware of the alarming frequency of mothers murdering their children and partners in our country. The last five years have been truly shocking. Mothers hacking, burning and drowning their beautiful children on an alarmingly regular basis.

Simply off the top of my head I can think of five or six cases where multiple groups of children have been murdered by their mums.

Bear in mind all of these murders have taken place in the last seven years and it is by no means a complete list. Yet still, we have domestic violence advertisements branding men the only threat to women and their children!

Crash that killed mum and four kids probed as murder-suicide after note found – World News – Mirror Online

Cairns stabbing: Eight children dead, mother arrested | Manoora children dead (news.com.au)

Akon Guode who killed her three children by driving into Wyndham Vale lake has sentence slashed (9news.com.au)

Mother who drowned son in the Murray River, attempted to drown another, found not guilty of murder – ABC News

Melbourne author Fiori Giovanni charged over death of baby daughter at Southbank | 7NEWS.com.au

Sydney mother who drowned her baby in the bath found guilty of murder (smh.com.au)

Mother Cassandra Doohan who murdered her baby Anastasia Hand fails to avoid life jail term – ABC News

Mother confesses, charged with baby Sanaya Sahib’s murder (news.com.au)

Sofina Nikat killed daughter Sanaya Sahib in Melbourne park because she thought baby was ‘possessed’ – ABC News

They had to spin the truth. Even if no-one was saying out loud what I am writing at this moment, one senses the community is not blind to what has been going on.

Let’s explain the difference between murder by a dad as opposed to murder by a mum, they say.


Sure, the blood splattered walls and dismembered bodies look very much the same. The blade cuts painfully deep whether wielded by a man or woman. The flames cause the same excruciating agony regardless of the killer’s gender. But the child should rest in peace knowing mummy plunged the dagger or lit that flame without malicious intent.

Here is yet another article demanding all men take responsibility for the violence of a tiny few. The author also repeats two demonstrable lies.

1. Men are overwhelmingly the perpetrators of violence against children.
2. Men perpetrate the violence experienced by 95% of all survivors of violence.

Read it for yourselves.

The fact is that men are overwhelmingly the perpetrators of violence against women, children and other men. Around 95 per cent of all survivors of violence report experiencing threats or physical and sexual assault from a male perpetrator.

Do these sick individuals literally pull these statistics from their backsides?

We had Australian Rules Footballers leading the charge to end male violence against children by painting their fingernails. Reflect on this for a moment.

This marketing tool has been created to end male violence against children.

Only male violence against children.

Imagine how the many dads who are still struggling to go on without their murdered children feel when they hear a charity condemning the violence men inflict on children. Such blatant hypocrisy and willful blindness is so absurd it can only be described as sheer madness.

I would love to ask the founder of this charity what he would have to say to the dads who now occupy homes devoid of their children’s laughter, dads who enter an empty shell of a house when they return home from work each evening.

Would a man who began to campaign for an end to violence committed by redheaded amputees be any less insane?

It is an unfathomably loathsome, bigoted, deceitful, manipulative, bigoted and hateful attack on men. Given the plethora of cases of mothers slaughtering, abandoning and neglecting their children the people behind this shameful stunt cannot claim ignorance of the facts.

What is more disturbing is the endless queue of willing male idiots who step up, no questions asked, no personal research performed, no basic questions asked and gleefully join in the head kicking of their fellow man.

I said I had lost any of the final shreds of faith I once had in our institutions of power during the past four years. I won’t elaborate for we are not meant to be political.

1984 is here and now.

The truth is whatever the MSM chooses to tell you today and if they tell you the very opposite tomorrow then you just open up your gob and swallow it.

FBI. CIA.  Supreme Court. The Vatican. The government. The media. The education System. Big Tech.

Lies, myths, censorship, cancellation, threats, violence, intimidation, mockery, calculated destruction of reputations. It is happening every day and many applaud it.

Feminism has led the way.

They created a two-tiered system of reporting long ago. They are the reason for our two-tiered justice system. Double standards? Yep.

And what are you going to do about it?

Feminism and our media are inextricably linked. They work together promoting big lies about masculinity and female oppression. They censor and stifle any attempt to speak the truth and always use the same tactics. Smear, threaten with violence, censor and cancel all opposition.

Just look at what Paul Elam and Bettina Arndt have endured. My dear friend Jasmin Newman was forced to leave her home because she dared to speak the truth about female violence. How ironic that the rabid feminists who tried to destroy her used the very threats of violence and intimidation Jas used to write about.

So, rest easy. The next time you hear of a mother who slaughters her family, be it eight, four or three children, her violence was female. She is not to be held to account. The children and the community should let that fact wash over them.

Perhaps that is why the candles were not lit, the human circles of solidarity, arms linked in a united protest not formed, the poised, poisonous pens placed back on the desktop, unused.

Female violence is not a thing to be decried or lamented.

It’s simply different and no more needs to be said.


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Author: Mark Dent
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